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  1. I marathoned the OVA series a couple weeks back; so I am going to wait for the original OVA series material to run out so I can watch.
  2. Yes. I know; this was a great episode; really loved it. Hopefully later episodes have characters developing aswell.
  3. Latté Coffee is pretty much the only type of coffee I drink as I don't drink coffee at all except for when I'm dead tired.
  4. Batman easily. I like how he leans towards strategy and tactics rather than straight super-hero powers, and the fact that he doesn't take the law into his own hands and kills others, but rather gives others to the government for the punishment. By the way, is anyone watching Gotham?
  5. Lazy Rich & Special Features - Beginning of the World[Radio Edit]
  6. I agree with you completely. This series was an amazing ride of sadness, tears, and I definitively did not expect that last twist. I loved the overall atmosphere and theme of the anime; honestly, the second season was just so good.
  7. I eat it. It can't be too bad, right? I don't cook that much advanced stuff. If I follow the recipe, usually I don't make mistakes and it looks good. I also look up cooking tips on youtube just incase I've never cooked it before.
  8. Anything but side is torture. Easily the most comfortable way to sleep.
  9. Dream

    Creating an AMV

    I've made one before on Sony Vegas. There are lots of tutorials around the web for special effects and timing tricks so if you can gather up alot of them, your skills can easily improve. The hardest part is picking a good song; IMO.
  10. Wow, that actually looks pretty cool, is that like a designated otaku hub of some sort?
  11. http://getmusicbee.com/forum/index.php?board=11.0 This is the forum for extra MusicBee Skins, and I can't find anything anime. Unfortunately, i'm pretty sure this is the only forum as such.
  12. I like it; but it is not as good as Fate Zero. I don't like tsunderes at all; so Rin feels like nothing too me, no depth IMO. And I also don't like Shirou; simply because we don't know why he wants to be a hero so much? Like it kind of makes no sense at all, this needs to be explained. The actions scenes are really, quite amazing. No other word can describe it. However, I will admit that the majority of the first two episodes(prologues) were boring. Seeing Daily Life with no comedy or anything "interesting" at all, isn't a pleasure to watch.
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