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  1. Can I say Umaru Chan? I don't have her outward personality, but I definitely like to wrap myself in a bear hoodie and drink coke and watch anime :^)
  2. Sorry, I got called in to the office I'm still super interested in doing this!
  3. True true. I just thought the original felt more special since I grew up with it
  4. Since you like Natsume, can I recommend Mushishi to you? It felt very similar to me, at times.
  5. The only thing that I felt Shippuden had stronger than Naruto was the last 25ish episodes, in which they tie together all of the character stories and interactions nicely. It was all pandering to nostalgia, but it still was nice!
  6. Nothing wrong with that. Good =/= Enjoy. I think SAO was, in terms of writing, pretty mediocre, but it was for sure a fun show to watch!
  7. We probably can't find a time that works for everyone every week. Personally I think it'll be better to do 1-2 episodes each week at the same time if people can often make it
  8. Awesome! Looking forward to it
  9. Also, it's just an episode of a show -- so only 24 minutes including intro and ending! (not sure if we want to do one per week, or more)
  10. I've been listening to a ton of AmaLee on youtube (english covers of anime songs). She's great!
  11. I'm still very interested in this; I've been busy with personal things as well. It's probably easiest to do this on the weekend. Who would like to start Your Lie in April, episode one, this Sunday at 5pm PST, 8pm EST?
  12. Always 70F, sunny, blue skies, little clouds, I live by the beach. It's amazing haha
  13. Waifu for Laifu will always be Ein the dog from Bebop tho. Cutest pupper alive
  14. You were right, I finished it last night and it was superb. P.A. Works does everything well these days, I'm finding.
  15. 10 episodes in, and this is pretty fantastic. I love that it's a more-real-than-most representation of forcing yourself to grow up and working life.
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