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  1. What's up af? 

    My last time logging in? Maybe, we'll see. I'm transitioning to Anilist after a friend showed me how to upload my mal ratings to it. It's like putting mal and af together and it makes me feel that I'm getting the most out of my time online. If you want we can trade and follow to keep in touch but I honestly don't really know anyone here besides three ppl. XD

    Later and thnx for having me. Keep it real. 

    1. Hällregn


      Aww, well I'm glad you finally found a preference so you won't have to keep jumping from one place to another. :)

      Love you Little Boss. 💕💕💕

    2. Kit


      Thanks for tolerating multiple messages and forum hop ramblings. #☝️
      Love you forever. See you on Ani soon? XD rol

    3. Hällregn


      Wouldn't pass on the verbal adventuring. xD 

      Yeah, yeah. 😝 I'll think about it. Not a big fan of joining a whole bunch of sites. Too much to keep up with! I'll stick with email and Insta Chat if you don't mind. 🙃

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