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    2. Kit


      What do you prefer the sub or dub? Does sub stay true to the songs?

    3. Hällregn


      I prefer the dub because on the sub, they have the Japanese voice actors trying to speak English. They even sing a lot of the songs in English. It's certainly not the actors fault but this decision was terrible. The anime is great dubbed! A lot of the actors sound natural and can sing wonderfully! The only problem is that the dub had licensing issues and the song that gave an emotional conclusion to the anime was replaced. Still a good number but not nearly as impactful.

      Additionally, the animation is a little dated. Despite all of this, it's personally one of the best anime out there and one of my favorites. The characters act and function like people would, giving it a nice realistic flow. Something I really appreciate in a coming-of-age. 

      I would say that the manga is even better but you'll need quite the imagination to discern what the bands/artists in it sound like. I think Harold Sakuishi does an excellent job of translating music genres through the expression and energy the crowds are illustrated in. Calming, cool tones with a generally relaxed visage for Jazz. More energetic scenes and styles for Rock and Metal. The audience makes up a large part of genre setting and reacting to the artists and performances, it's an inclusive experience. One with the general point of being part of the audience. You should definitely give it a read! 

    4. Kit


      You are right the english dub is superior. XD cracking up over the engrish version  rol

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