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  1. I don't watch an awful lot of adaptation stuff, and my list is always small at most I'm watching maybe 1 to 3 anime at any given time. So I just try and pick a few things from either the past or upcoming which I vibe with an add them to my plan to watch. 

    Right now, Fate/Strange Fake, Witch on the Holy Night, the new Madoka Movie and I need to get around to watching the Psycho Pass Providence film. 

    One issue I have been having is a few long running series I liked such as Yamato or Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake have seemingly ended dubbing for there runs - which sucks as the 'dub' is what I started watching with those. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, Animedragon said:

    The Madoka Magica movie looks interesting.

    Yeah, Madoka Magica finally coming back. And then we got another Type Moon x Ufotable production in Witch on the Holy Night. Anime seems to be on a big roll right now. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Animedragon said:

    Welcome back. We kept your chair at the table for you.

    Thanks, in my absence I watched the Fate/Grand Order: Grand Temple of Time Solomon movie, Fate/Strange Fake Whispers of Dawn, Pluto, Goblin Slayer Season 2 and beat the Dark Tournament arc in Yu Yu Hakusho. And began making my way through The Garden of Sinners movies. 

    And on my to watch is Psycho Pass the Movie - finally its online, and then when they come out I wanna watch; 

    Also gutted to hear the Legend of the Galactic Heroes English dub was probably cancelled. 

    Damned Crunchyroll. 

  4. 21 hours ago, Ohayotaku said:

    short term: Pluto (Astro Boy reimagined by Naoki Urasawa of Monster fame) 

    Longer term: Fate Strange/Fake

    lots of other sequels I plan to watch this upcoming season (Dr. Stone, Spy x Family, Reincarnated as a Slime OVA, Goblin Slayer, Ancient Magus Bride, Shield Hero, Eminence in Shadow, Faraway Paladin, Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent) but my expectations are more reserved. And of course JJK’s Shibuya Arc will carry over.

    I've heard of Astro Boy, but more over Naoki Urasawa is awesome so I'll defiantly be watching this show. 

  5. Okay so this year several shows and movies have peaked my interest;

    Obviously I watched Whispers of Dawn and am now hyped out my mind for the coming series.

    Psycho Pass Providence - I'm gutted I couldn't find a cinema showing the film close to where I lived, but I am going to watch this movie the most I get; 

    This anime caught my eyes a while back, Lazarus - a team up of Mappa, Shinichirō Watanabe and Chad Stahelski, defiantly caught my attention. 

    I'm not as big a Gundam head as @MarathonGuy1337 and likely others I spoken to on here and elsewhere, but Gundam 'Requiem for Vengeance' 

    And finally, its finally here. The sequel to rebellion, I am so pumped and damn the visuals look awesome. 

    Anyway those are my anime I'm looking forward to coming out soon.

    What are you guys and gals excited for?

  6. 4 minutes ago, MarathonGuy1337 said:

    So since the last post 

    Girls Und Panzer Girls Und Panzer Der Film Girls Und Panzer Der Final (Part 1 and Part 2)

    Girls und Panzer Gif - Gif Abyss

    I don't know why but following the Tien Shinhan Tournament Saga I ended up watching all of Girls Und Panzer from the first show though to the latest film, it was actual really fun but that's maybe because I'm as much a historian as a weeb


    Arion (Anime) | AnimeClick.it

    This was a weird but really enjoyable film sad it never got a English dub as a lot of my friends won't watch unless its dubbed, enjoyed the fusion of Greek Myth with the Ragnarök story but still its just one more of those forgotten anime gems to add to the list

    Castle in the Sky 

    Castle in the sky GIF - Find on GIFER

    I really enjoyed Castle In the Sky reminding me a lot of Nausicaa which I personally loved. 

    I also then watched two other studio Giblie films; Howls Moving Castle and Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kikis-delivery-service GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYSteam Community :: :: Howls moving castle gif 1

    However I don't think I liked these two as much (personal taste) They where still fun films just not as good as Castle in the Sky IMO

    Dragon Ball The King Piccalo Saga


    One more Saga to go an I've finished the first Dragon Ball, the King Piccalo saga was itself amazing the plot felt real tight and the development of the villains and characters was awesome. Love the battles between Goku and King Piccalo.

    Project Aika

    Agent Aika on Make a GIF

    This is the most retro OVA anime ever. Started watching it about a week ago making though the first 4 episodes but then got distracted by a different anime all together.

    Kill La Kill

    Ryuko Kill La Kill GIF - Ryuko Kill La Kill Anime - Discover & Share GIFs

    This was nothing short of epic, I loved this series almost as much as Gurren Lagann but still nothing but praise for Kill La Kill it was little short of a masterpiece

    Really want to re-watch it already or a show like it at least...

    Gif, tengen toppa gurren lagann and kamina gif anime #1709742 on  animesher.com

    maybe time to re-watch Gurren Lagann 


    Rezero-kara-hajimeru-isekai-seikatsu GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

    Someone @MediaConsumesMe and all I can say and I think he will agree with me on this one. Incel the anime. The MC is a fucking creep.

    That's more or less the anime I have watched.

    That said their is one more that I'm planning to watch come charismas no mater what else is on the agenda

    Take your time.

    The perfect anime for the holidays #GUNDAMXMASTHEANIME

    Gotta agree, Re;Zero main character defiantly has some werido vibes. I honestly don't really remember it much, it was back in 2021 I watched this.

    For me I'm closing in on the end of the Dark Tournament Arc in Yu Yu Hakusho

    Yuu Yuu Hakusho GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

    So far so good, I've really been enjoying the series. Whilst overall I don't know if the series can beat HxH I will say this tournament arc is more interesting than Heaven Arena. I think HA is good, it just it spends more time training and the stakes don't feel very massive until Gon vs Hisoka. Whereas Toguro and his team, along with the entire Tournament being in enemy territory adds to the sense of danger Yusuka and his crew are facing up against. 

    I also did re-watch Kill la Kill with @MarathonGuy1337

    Finally I started recently Darker than Black. I generally like Studio Bones anime so I'm looking forward to it. November 11th seems pretty cool.

    November 11 - Darker than black | Dark, Black, Anime

    That's pretty much all I've been watching new, a lot of re-watches but those having progressed that much as it in a group and all the group watchers need to be present. 


  7. R.f97374566bf1625c3e2d64c40a16375d?rik=Y

    @MarathonGuy1337 Gotta concur with the Shriou Emiya pick 

    For another Fate MC

    Kiritsugu Emiya | Anime Amino

    Kiritsugu Emyia

    Artoria Pendragon 🗡Saber🗡 (💀Fate/stay night💀) cosplay by 七七兒-Chichi2 😍👌 ...

    And who could forget the legendary King of Knights herself

    Moving away from Fate; 

    Anime Smoking Gif - See more ideas about animation, smoke animation ...

    Shinya Kogami 

    Also Marathon can't believe you forgot you're best boy;

    amuro ray | Tumblr

    Amuro Ray

    He Looks So Fluffy Wolfs Rain GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

    Kiba from Wolfs Rain

    Hunter X Hunter Gon Gif Wallpaper - img-Bachue

    I'm not sure who's the real main character but Gon and Killua are awesome

    Yusuke Urameshi Gif ~ Anime Aesthetic Yusuke 90s Yu Hakusho Icons ...

    Yusuke Urameshi is also a pretty badass dude. 

    That's all the one's I can think of at any rate. 



  8. 20 hours ago, Bulleje76 said:

    Whats the genre?

    Its a drama/action series set in prohibition america, and follows a man seeking revenge against the mob. Its only 12 parts so a nice easy watch. It is an anime original series, so it very well paced and told. Animation is a little spotty at times, but its really cool none the less. 

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  9. Fate - all the series are generally under or around 25 episodes. Broken into two parts. So you could just pick one of those - highly recommend Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works. Also Psycho Pass is only 22 episodes for the first season, and that series is fantastic. 

  10. You know I had a plan to go to LA... for Strange Fake. Didn't end up going, as I was working up to that date, and then the price of a ticket across the sea. Been looking at more local UK cons, Anime League seems to have a few dotted all over the country over the year. But that's all I can see online, there might be more. What conventions do you guys if you are in the UK head to?

  11. 6 hours ago, Otaking66lives said:

    While many people believe that wearing wigs or hats causes baldness, this is actually a MYTH! Wearing clean hats and wigs will not damage hair follicles as long as they are not too tight. If the hat or wig is too tight, it can result in Traction Alopecia

    Yeah, I looked into it. Ha ha, so I'm all good. Turns out what I thought was hair loss was in reality just... my hair being flatter than usual. I don't wear hats, so I never really compress my hair. So it normally poufy, but after wearing a wig it flatter. 

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