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Who is your favorite quintuplet from quintessential quintuplets


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For me it’s something like

1. Ichika

2. Miku

3. Yotsuba

4. Itsuki

5. Nino

 I think I would’ve liked Yotsuba better except the anime seemed to spend less time developing her as a character than the others(like Yugiri from Zombie Land Saga). As that indicates, I really don’t like Itsuki & Nino at all.

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2 hours ago, Musuko said:

Yotsuba best. I've been reading the manga for a while, so I probably have a different opinion than people who have only seen the anime.

I doubt she'll "win", though.


I liked what I saw of her, unfortunately season 1 didn’t advance her past the genki girl stereotype and didn’t seem to treat her like a legitimate contender. I think they only dedicated half an episode to her and it didn’t seem well executed


being bad at lying if I remember correctly

which irked me. 

2 hours ago, cose1321 said:

I think the mangas better. It develops the characters well. I still don’t know who the bride is. 

I imagine the  whole mistaken identity angle probably worked better in the manga where the differences in appearances wouldn’t be as noticeable.  My biggest criticism of the anime is how they kept using that but executed it so poorly (she’s wearing headphones, so it must be Miku; wearing a ribbon must be Yotsuba even though the hair colors and styles were nothing alike)

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