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Stranger Things/Teen Wolf crossover?

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Hey guys,

I have started writing some fan fiction. It is a crossover between Stranger Things and Teen Wolf, 2 of my favourite TV Shows.

I was wondering if you guys would be interested in reading some of it if I posted it in here?

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28 minutes ago, Seshi said:

I liked teen wolf until the last couple of season, I feel that it had potential but it didn’t quite reach it. 

Might be interesting to check out what you have 🙂

I will post the prologue up once I have finished it :) I have my own twist on what happened to Allison's parents rather than what happened in the actual series. So hopefully it turns out okay. :)

Allison was new to Hawkins. She had moved away from Beacon Hills when her parents had been killed by werewolves. She was looking out of her kitchen window, she could see the sun starting to set and it looked like the horizon was burning because of the sun. She looked out in the street, the darkness was starting to engulf everything. This was the darkness that scared her, the darkness that had engulfed her ever since her parents had died. She looked back out onto the street, everything was starting to fade away into the darkness. The street lights were starting to come on one by one, but this did not give her much comfort from the darkness. Her hands were gripping the sink tightly, her hands were starting to lose circulation so she lifted them off and looked at them.

When she looked down all she could see was blood, blood that wasn’t there. Her parents blood had been on her hands the night they had died. Her father had died in her arms. All she could remember was all the blood, bright red, piecing blood. The thought of it made her start to tremble.

Allison decided it might be best for to get some rest. She headed upstairs, walking up them at the moment was like walking up a mountain. Her body ached all over, the pain was horrible. It felt like someone was stabbing her. What was making her worse was knowing that when she did get to bed, the nightmares would haunt her. She took the last step to her bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, curling up, near enough crying. It hurt too much, the loss of her parents. It tortured her every single day. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see their lifeless bodies and the black wolf, the wolf...the one who killed her parents. When she had looked into its eyes, they had glowed a soft blue. The wolf had looked at her, but it seemed it had no intention to hurt her.

She got into bed and closed her eyes, trying to block out the images of her parents lying there in their own blood. She slowly started to drift off to sleep.

As she slept, the nightmares started to haunt her. She was running through the woods in complete darkness. There wasn’t a sound, not even the humming of the crickets or the noise of an owl. This was the type of silence that she had always been afraid of. Not a noise at all, just her running through the woods trying to get to her parents. When she looked down at her hands, the blood was already there. She looked around there wasn’t a wolf in sight. But when she looked down at her hands again she was the wolf. She kept having these types of dreams because she constantly blamed herself for her parents death. She woke up gasping for her breath, her chest felt tight. She felt like she didn’t have any air left in her lungs, she nearly fell off the edge of the bed and it knocked her back into reality. She got up and looked out of the window, she had been there all night. This was quite surprising because usually she would have woken up at least once, but this time she didn’t. She headed downstairs, feeling a little dazed because of the dream. She switched the radio on and made herself a cup of coffee. She decided today would be the day. Today she would make herself have human contact. Even if it was just a handshake. It had been months since she’d had any human contact from anyone. She hadn’t been able to face anybody since her parent’s death.

She headed back upstairs and got dressed. She put a pair of jeans on, a vest top and she pulled her leather jacket on. She sighed and headed out of the front door. The sun was already blaring down and it felt very warm, maybe it was a bad idea to wear the leather jacket but she didn’t bother heading back in to take it off. She started off down the street looking around. She had not long moved into the house but she hadn’t been out to meet anybody. She had felt afraid that people wouldn’t like her with her being new to the area. She knew she was probably just being paranoid but she wasn’t very comfortable meeting new people. In Beacon Hills, she had known everybody. In this town she was all alone. But she knew if she made friends then she wouldn’t be alone for long. She was only eighteen years old and she had had to start a new life in a town where she knew nobody. She wished her parents had never died. She wished she had never met Scott. She wished she had never known that werewolves even existed and most of all she wished that her parents had never become hunters.


@Seshi Here is the prologue, hope you like it :)

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