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  1. I will probably just go for the standard version like I did with the first 2
  2. Hi guys, I am a 29 year old but I still like to watch Power Rangers. I have seen every episode apart from Beast Morphers. Got to say thought that Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers will always be my favourite because I grew up with it. If any of you guys still watch it I was wondering which ones are your favourites?
  3. I've never played an instrument but I would love to try guitar, I just don't have the patience lol
  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering what type of college courses you do? I really want to a creative writing course but because I have a daughter it would be a struggle to get into college if she is poorly or as appointments. I am trying to find acreative writing course online where I might even get a qualification to add to my CV to help me in a writing career.
  5. I'm thinking about getting it but I don't think I will be able to get it on its release date because of how expensive it will be. I will have to wait till it goes on sale and I could be waiting a while for that to happen
  6. Sorry I haven't been around much again guys, my daughter is off school so can't get online much during the day. I will try and get on as much as I can. :)

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    2. Seshi


      I’m glad you’re doing better too 

    3. VampireKnight19


      Thanks. Hope you are doing well. 

    4. Seshi


      Doing great today. This week was kind of a bummer, but today is a new day 🤗

  7. If I don't have much money one month I will buy frozen meals such as curries, fish, burgers and leave out most of the luxuries
  8. Tired, broken, hurt. But I will be okay.
  9. Sorry I haven't been around much, had some stuff to deal with. But I'm back now :)

    1. Musuko


      Welcome back. ☺️

    2. VampireKnight19
  10. Saw my ex boyfriend today. Nearly had a panic attack and had to hide. He was awful to me when we were together and stuff happened that I can't really talk about but he didn't see me so panic over :)

    1. Seshi


      Stealth mode x100

    2. Tefutakato


      That’s awful, sorry all that happened to you. Glad you’re okay. 

    3. VampireKnight19


      I'm loads better thank you :)

  11. That is pretty warm, we are lucky to even get that here think the highest we are getting tomorrow is 27C
  12. I mainly like male characters because of how well written they usually are.
  13. Its finally sunny here Not too hot either
  14. Ah I love Skyrim, I've played over 400 hours on it so far over 200 on the each edition. The standard and the Special Edition. I haven't played much of Fallout 3 on Steam yet but I completed it quite a few times on PS3 and Xbox 360. I think I might actually still have my Xbox somewhere I am after a game called PixArk at the moment but don't know if it will be worth 20 pound.
  15. They have the summer sale on at the moment, typical when I have no money, hopefully its still on when I get paid
  16. I love Steam, and its brilliant when they have decent sales on.
  17. I'm in two minds whether to get it now
  18. I need to start and cosplay, hopefully next month when I take my daughter to comic-con we will both have cosplays. She wants to go as Elsa
  19. Tired, my chronic illness is pretty bad today

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