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  1. Sorry I have been gone for so long. Had a lot going on recently, been in and out of hospital. But I am on the mend now and can be online.
  2. I've started watching The Irregular at Magic High School on Netflix. I was wondering if you guys had seen it and what you think of it? I am surprisingly enjoying it. Haven't watched a lot of anime yet but I'm getting there
  3. I’ve just started mine https://myanimelist.net/profile/VampireKnight20
  4. I have decided to leave it. Can’t seem to get into it, it’s too pervy for me. I am going to watch Your Lie in April instead
  5. I have just started watching the Seven Deadly Sins, onto the 2nd episode so far. I was wondering if any of you guys had seen it? And what do you guys think of it?
  6. I'm a writer, great job working from home and at my own pace
  7. Hi guys, Sorry I haven't been around much, had some bad news off my doctor so I decided to take a break from everything. Now that I have managed to get my head around things I am finally back :)
  8. Thanks for the advise guys. I have managed to start writing again. I do a lot of role play on Facebook. I am currently a character from the Teen Wolf series and I have a couple of muses. I currently have four role plays going and they are going great so far.
  9. My next ambition is to go back to college and do a Media course
  10. Hey guys, I'm suffering from really bad writers block at the moment and its got me really down. No matter what I do I just can't seem to start chapter 2 of my cross over
  11. Yes, that definitely counts I'm hoping that maybe me and my friend could be more than just friends in the future
  12. Hey guys, It was perfect, we went for coffee and we talked about so much stuff. I was honestly so happy to meet my best friend in person. We are meeting up again on Friday and making a day of it this time
  13. Thanks guys. Well today is the day. And to be honest my nerves have been replaced by excitement. I honestly can't wait to get a hug off my online best friend. None of my normal friends bother with me. He is actually making an effort to come and see me and I can talk to him about anything. Its gonna be great. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  14. Hey guys, So tomorrow I am meeting one of my online friends in person for the first time. We found out we only live 30 minutes apart so we are going to get coffee in town. I am so nervous. I keep asking myself what if he doesn't like me in person? Or what if I embarrass myself? I was just wondering if any of you guys have met an online friend in person?
  15. I will post the prologue up once I have finished it I have my own twist on what happened to Allison's parents rather than what happened in the actual series. So hopefully it turns out okay. Allison was new to Hawkins. She had moved away from Beacon Hills when her parents had been killed by werewolves. She was looking out of her kitchen window, she could see the sun starting to set and it looked like the horizon was burning because of the sun. She looked out in the street, the darkness was starting to engulf everything. This was the darkness that scared her, the darkness that had engulfe
  16. Its currently raining here but still quite warm.
  17. Hey guys, I have started writing some fan fiction. It is a crossover between Stranger Things and Teen Wolf, 2 of my favourite TV Shows. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in reading some of it if I posted it in here?
  18. I will probably just go for the standard version like I did with the first 2
  19. Hi guys, I am a 29 year old but I still like to watch Power Rangers. I have seen every episode apart from Beast Morphers. Got to say thought that Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers will always be my favourite because I grew up with it. If any of you guys still watch it I was wondering which ones are your favourites?
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