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  1. I have some old photos on my old phone if I can get it working again
  2. Mainly going to take my daughter to the beach if its nice.
  3. Housework to be done while my mum has taken my daughter out. Then back to Black Butler ❤️

  4. Started watching Black Butler. I love how funny it is in parts and then serious in other parts. Its my kind of Anime, loving it so far. Only onto episode 3 and addicted to it already.
  5. I can't seem to do the fishing, I'm terrible at it lol
  6. Yay, I am far too addicted. I mainly do the farming and mining side of it. I'm useless at the fishing and I haven't got enough money to upgrade my house yet with a kitchen on to make recipes so I'm not that far through it yet. I am getting there with it. I'm level 1 on mining, foraging and farming at the moment
  7. I am currently on playing Stardew Valley, played it for about 54 hours so far. Decided to start a new save. I've named my farmer after my daughter and my farm is called Smallville Farm. I was wondering if any of you guys play it. What have you named your character and your farm?
  8. It seems to be just a slight drizzle today. Hopefully it will start and be sunny for us again soon @Banri
  9. Back to Stardew Valley today since I have a day off my course. :)

    1. Banri


      Sounds like fun, how are you finding it? :)

    2. VampireKnight19


      I've played it for about 54 hours altogether so far, decided to make a new save and start over :)

  10. Hopefully it's a nicer day tomorrow for us @Banri
  11. On maths and English course today. Got a presentation to do for english so I have chosen to do it about Stephen King one of my favourite authors :) 

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    2. VampireKnight19


      I love the Green Mile & IT 

    3. jacob1981


      Nice :) I haven't seen the IT remake yet :) 

    4. Seshi


      My fave: The Stand. Green mile is great too.

      IT is just too creepy lol 

  12. Might play on a game today :) 

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    2. jacob1981


      Nice! I'm currently looking forward to this one :) 


      It's an anime-like game coming from awesome Japanese VG developer :) 

    3. VampireKnight19


      Ah cool :) I have gotten right back into Stardew Valley so I won't be playing many other games at the moment lol. 

    4. jacob1981


      Games too on par with movies are a very good way to distract :)  

  13. For me its currently raining and miserable.
  14. Cosplay is like a whole new world I know a few people who cosplay as the Flash, Iron Man, various characters from the Walking Dead. And one of my friends has a DMC cosplay which I love
  15. I have an addiction to Tomb Raider at the moment. I've played Tomb Raider Anniversary for 70 hours so far.
  16. Quite a few times some strange things have happened in the place where I live with my parents. Doors would randomly shut, I would hear weird noises and in the dead of night I could hear a man talking! It hasn't happened recently but it certainly freaked me out.
  17. Yep, I'm hoping to be able to draw some more tomorrow
  18. VampireKnight19

    Drawings :)

    Drew these today, its been over 5 year since I have done a drawing. Hope you guys like them
  19. Hey How do I upload photos of my drawings on the forums?
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