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Where Can I find these Animes?


Hello Anime Heros of Anime Forums!

All Though I am new here, I presume I may ask a question here!

With all gratitude, may I know if some one can point me towards finding full series of Shin Chan, kochikame, Doraemon, Ninja Rantaro in English as I could not find more than 75 of Shin Chan, 50 of Doraemon, 25 of Ninja Rantaro!

With great humbleness! If you can, that will of great!

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Animekisa.tv has every episode of Shin Chan (Sub & Dub), Kochikame and 2 seasons of Doraemon dubbed. Ninja Rantaro isn't there at all and it could be the whole thing wasn't dubbed. Try searching for "Ninja Boy Rantaro" as that seems to be dub name. Hope that helps :)

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