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Which anime do you want to watch but haven't yet?


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On 6/12/2020 at 9:20 AM, Ohiotaku said:

I bought the subtitled dvd collections a couple years back, but haven’t gotten around to watching yet.

Used to have the whole thing back in the day, unfortunately most of my VHS tapes didn’t hold up very well & didn’t make the cut for the downsize/move a couple years ago.

Despite being from the creator of Slayers, the look of that one never really appealed to me so never tried it.

Same here. Saw where it got added to CR not too long ago.

Maze was eventually released (once) on DVD in N.A. under Software Sculptors/CPM. Pretty much the same staff and studio in Japan that worked on Slayers Next (different directors, though). The English version was dubbed about the same time as Slayers Try was dubbed with Central Park Media, I believe. Some of the same voice-actors. The story didn't copy much from Slayers...but...some didn't respect Maze due to it being released at the height of the Slayers Japan popularity and not having quite the money or reputation to back it up. Its video only release in the U.S./Canada made it even more cryptic...due to it coming out (in North America) nearly 4-years after it's Japanese release. By the time it was on home video...people just weren't curious enough to watch it. However, 90's-2000's reviewers like Rowena Lee (former owner/founder of anime website Animetric) would buy these uncommon titles, watch, and review them. She would even share links where to buy them online. I feel they helped people find anime like that which would have otherwise remained entirely unknown I the West. 

Lost Universe I'll watch regardless. I hate sites like T.H.E.M. Anime where they will slam anime older than 10-years (unless it was one of the super popular titles). That site have 1-3-star ratings to some great classics. I tend not to trust modern anime review sites. They'll bash horror titles like Wicks City while praising modern horror trash like Ichi the Killer or Elfen Leid. 

I hope I get Kimagure Orange Road before it's out-of-print. 

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