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Need recomendations


I'm looking for recommendations for anime to watch with for my girlfriend. Shes never watched  anime before but she's expressed interest in it. She likes fantasy and supernatural shows. Harry Potter, lord of the rings, got her to watch the marvel movies and she was into it. But getting back on topic. She wouldn't like the typical Shonen or harem anime. The only shows I could come up with (in my very short term memory) are Erased, grimgar of fantasy and ash (loved that show) and death note.

 Any recommendations and a tiny description of why would be super appreciated!

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For something along the lines of Harry Potter I would recommend Little Witch Academia about a school for witches. It’s available on Netflix. In addition to the tv series (25 episodes) there are a couple OVAs which were kind of a trial run which gives you a general idea of the characters & concept separate from the main series.

Similar to LOTR, maybe Record of the Lodoss War on Funimation’s site.

Finally, for something supernatural that’s not shonen , maybe try Mushishi. It’s about a man traveljng around helping people with problems dealing with supernatural characters called Mushi. Each episode is more or less self contained & has a philosophical or moral slant to it.

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