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Anyone here a terraria fan?


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I’ve played it, though not recently.  My main games are Kerbal Space Program or Minecraft.  More recently I’ve been into Empyrion as well.  (When I have time for games at all. :( )  There’s one or two other AFers who have talked about terraria from time to time here as well, and more recently than I.   I’d say your chances are good.  :) 

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The new updates were kinda cool. There's a new character you can get if you build in the right location. My friends and I have been playing it master mode...but we kinda petered out a bit (I mean, I can build all day, but we have a friend who's only goal in a game is smash and play bosses -_- Soooooo....it kinda made it not fun, since he was always rushing everyone o_O

But I still like to dip in and build random things all over XD And collect the gem animal *O*

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