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Hey all..

This has absolutely nothing to do with anime but I was just wondering if anyone else here is doing the Folding@Home thing, and if so are you on a team?  I'm currently contributing my points to the PC Master Race but I'm a vagrant and occasionally switch teams just for the heck of it.  :)  If anyone else here is on a team that needs points/WU let me know.  AWS I'm not so don't expect too much.  All I have is my desktop system but it does have an 8/16-core 2700X in there.  It averages maybe 50kppd if I just let F@H have my background cycles and up to 150k if I let it use all of it (and it is a cool day).  If you want it just send me your team # so I can tell my FAHclient where to send the points.

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