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Head in the Clouds


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Title: Head in the Clouds


One step upwards, two steps down,

each time I lift my leg, wait,

1 second passes,

my foot hits the ground.

Head in the clouds, 

wish I had glasses, 

because the fog down here,

it's got me movin' like molasses, 

chokin' down these unnatural gases, 

quick sand cement how the time passes,

and it don't stop, not even when I'm flyin',

cause I ain't got wings, gotta stop denying,

my floor's risin' but not my ceiling, 

Michael Jordan how I float after jumpin', 

but always my feet hit the ground leavin' me pantin',

now by now you gotta be understandin', 

after all I ain't speaking latin, 

what I'd give for more time in the sky,

wavin' goodbye to all the jokers livin' the lie,

waking up on a cloud to meet God in the sky,

what I'd do to do more than get by.


But you don't understand do ya?

I can float, understand, wontcha?

Or do I have to show ya?

2 steps upward, wait,

10 seconds pass, 

1 step down, 

shattered bone like cheap glass,

painted stone like Joel Bass, 

10 seconds till I fell on mah ass,

God, are you makin' a pass?



10 years later and I'm in the chair,

electric? Nah, but I'd dare,

three seconds blind and I'm there, 

Jigsaw cryin' cause I ain't scared,

all cause' freedom I dared,

damn man, sittin' in the can man,

sippin' out the can man, 

everything's a can man,

we compost how we livin',

clean us out, throw us way, 

we ain't gettin' recycled, we dyin' today,

wait, what is today?



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