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Anybody up for D&D?


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I am looking for players who would be down to play D&D weekly, I want to join a dedicated group who is familiar with 5E, plays on Roll20.net and is willing to play with a first-timer like myself. I know the basics, I have watched all of WASD20's opening tutorial videos and am somewhat familiar with Roll20. 

I am not looking for an entire group, per se, but I am looking for players who are willing to join one. I don't DM since I am new, so I would need a DM. 

My Roll20 account name is D&Diva. If anybody is interested in playing with me, knows any games I can join with them, or wants to join up with me in looking for games, please reply below with you're role in the game (i.e. player or DM) and you're availability (e.g. weekends). Thank you ~♥ 


Roll: player 

Availability: Tuesday (pretty much anytime before 7-8 PM). Weekends (but time varies). 


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