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Another Digimon Adventure Tri Thread (Improvements)

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Okay everyone, time for some randomness from me and I think I'll waste it on Digimon Adventure Tri and my thoughts on it. For this, it's not necessarily about the series itself...but just reflection so please share if you'd like. I didn't want to clutter up the official Tri thread.


So far, I don't feel it's all that great. It's okay, and I guess I feel that way because of convenient memory loss of the characters regarding their friends. One of the things this series in general seems to put a lot of focus on are friendships and the importance of those. It still bothers me that the Adventure 02 set are being so blatantly ignored and forgotten, but I'm still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt since Ken as the Kaiser was around (even though it was just a copy) and in the first movie, it had that Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, and Ken were missing. How can you conveniently forget that your friends are missing or that they even existed? The more this series is going on, the more I'm hoping it's Taichi's fever dream.


Now, some of the things some fans are getting nutty over are the pairings (possible ones). At the end of Adventure 02, as you know, it did a time skip and showed what each child grew up to become and who they married (if it was within the group). Yamato married Sora and Ken married Miyako. I personally didn't have a problem with the final pairings. I was fan of both, ironically, along with a whole bunch of others so…if I was as invested in ships or took it seriously, no matter the outcome, more than likely, it would've ended with a pairing that I liked. Now, for Tri, seems they are hinting at Takeru and Hikari (much to my dismay and I need to get over my stubbornness to admit it) and Koushirou and Mimi (call me a hypocrite based on what I just said about Takeru and Hikari). I kind of wish that for Koushriou x Mimi, it was more…subtle? Koushirou is so darn obvious, it's ridiculous…yet cute. I guess I wish that his liking towards Mimi was more of subconscious thing as opposed to even him probably realizing that he has a crush on Mimi and I'm most certain that she probably has. I guess I just never imagined that a character like his would be obvious about liking a girl. Now that I think about it, outside of characters like Miyako or Daisuke and maybe Mimi, I couldn't imagine any of the characters being obvious about it. I only said maybe for Mimi because of the old Wondersawn game she was in where she openly flirted with Ryo after their battle. I probably shouldn't even count that, huh? Well, back to what I said earlier…only Daisuke and Miyako..the others, not so much.


In the first movie (or either the previous one, I forget), Taichi and Yamato have some conflict and it felt incredibly forced. At least Adventure had an entire season to work that in…and I guess this is my number one problem with Tri so far. It's being shown as movies or like OVAs. Toei just should've done a proper television series and put that other Digimon series they're doing on the backburner. If Tri was being done like a proper show, then the pacing would be better, I feel.


I'm like the biggest Koumi fan in the world and even I'm so-so with how the whole Koumi thing is playing out and would like it better if this was done throughout an entire series as opposed to how it's being done in the movies. If it was a normal series, maybe they could show the kids in school. I know that Koushirou kept in touch with Mimi over the years (just like I'm sure all of her friends did), but now that she's back and we know that Koushirou is crushing on her, why not show their interactions in a classroom setting? Since Mimi is a returnee, and the last film did get on it briefly, has she become friends with anyone yet? Is she only hanging around Koushirou in class? I know it's trivial, but that's something I would love for the movies to show.


Other things I'm hoping for is for something interesting to happen regarding Sora. She's been pretty boring so far. I'm glad she still has that motherly way about her, but I kind of miss the fact that she doesn't seem to play tennis anymore, and it actually kind of shocked me that it hasn't been mentioned at all. Yamato still has his music, Taichi has soccer, Jou has always been very studious ( and now that I think about it, back in 02, they never mentioned if he had a club activity or not), Koushirou, I would assume, is still dealing with computers whether it's in school or out of it, but since he has an office (I STILL have to use a whole lot of suspension of disbelief for that one) and junk, his doing a school club probably isn't an option. Sora…nothing. See, if this was a full series, this could be something else that the show could briefly go into or mention.


Speaking of clubs, I wonder what Hikari and Takeru do. It's mandatory for junior-high-school students to be in a club activity. I would assume Takeru would've been into basketball and maybe Hikari, a photography club or something else artsy.


Okay, so, what do you truly think of Tri so far? What would you do to improve it?

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I agree about Tri being turned into an anime versus being a movie. That way, we could see in-depth the characters' interaction and backstory. Plus, I'd love to see the 02 kids, not lying on the ground after being defeated. I want to know how they came to that point. Plus, what the *bleep* is Ken doing as the Digimon Emperor? Unless it isn't him, but an imposter. That could possibly mean a new male Digidestined exists (the person parading around as the Digimon Emperor). Then again, how would he know to be the Digimon Emperor in the first place? My guess is maybe Ken prefers evil over good. Moreover, where is Wormmon and is he on Ken's side, or is he being mistreated again? In that case, I hope Ken gets his *bleep* handed to him for choosing the side of the wicked again. Entertaining, but it ain't right.


How would I improve the movie series? More Meicoomon and less shy Meiko. I wanna' know why Meicoomon became a villain and why Tai Kamiya turned into a *bleep* when it was time to battle an infected Kuwagamon. Tai has the crest of courage. Forget about collateral damage, though that was hard to watch. I wanna' see old school Tai, who never backs down from a challenge. And a full season of it too, not just a 6-part movie.


On to KOKUHAKU/CONFESSION!! To see what happens next. To be continued . . .

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