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A Media Gallery for Digital/Anime or Otherwise Art?

Sidney B. Gone


I know this would take up a lot of bandwidth, especially on a small site like AF.

But it could be a nice implementation if the tags were done right and

enough digital artists, chipped in with their own wares.


I know some sites either use this, or scrap the idea due to lack of an interest or whatnot.


Please give it a thought.


And I don't think it would hurt the creative corner any, since this is a separate, away from that board.


Thanks for your time


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Hi @Sidney B\. Gone,


Thank you for your suggestion. :)


We used to have a Gallery for fanworks, It was initially seeded with various fanworks from around the web (with full credit given to the original authors) and a few members did use it to submit their own works... but usage really dropped to the point where it was better to focus on other areas.


I do believe the existing platforms out there on the web do a much better job at showcasing your art than a forum gallery would.. and you are of course very welcome to continue showcasing in Creative Corner or adding a link to your channel(s) in your profile and signature.


Long term we might be bringing in the ability to allow members to have their own blogs. That would probably be the next best thing.

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Oh I see. Well That's fine. I can just make a thread for it or whatnot.

Or display on my profile, which I have been doing of late.


Thanks for the intel optic :)


And getting back to me.

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