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Tekken 7 Noctis reveal trailer/Tekken 8 guest character discussion

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So I got up this morning and got on Youtube and to my surprise, the Tekken 7 final guest character was revealed! I have been following Tekken 7 news very closely but I didn't expect this reveal so early.

Any and all Final Fantasy fans should be very excited because Noctis is the 3rd and final guest character to join the KIng of the iron fist tournament! :D 


I have never played Final Fantasy mainly because of the confusion as to where I should begin, but I love Final fantasy's characters and this is just so awesome! Thank you Harada-senpai! <3 

I have to say, Noctis was totally unexpected for me, I was expecting Kiryu or maybe even Solid snake so this was a surprise to me as well as the entire Tekken community I think. I mean, my favourite FF characters are Cloud, Tifa and Lightning but I get why Noctis was chosen and I love the decision.

Honestly, a character I really wanted in Tekken was Kirito and I kinda feel like I got that along with Noctis, with Tekken's customization, I cant wait to get to work.

Now I know a lot of Tekken fans are upset that their favourite characters didn't make it in as guests, so I guess they will just have to hang on till Tekken 8. If Tekken 8 decides on adding guest characters who would you like to see added?

Personally my vote would be for either Asuna, Levi, or 2B.


Image result for Asuna sao

I think she would fit really well into Tekken to be honest, she is a character people would argue should be in SC but I don't care, she fights up-close, not ranged and has great customization options as well as insane combo potential.


Image result for Levi AOT

He would be a very unique character with maneuverability and speed. It would be awesome to see Levi in the game because he would easily be un-rivaled in speed and agility as well as have great areal combo potential, making his juggles insane. Also for rage mode, god-mode Levi anyone?


Image result for 2b nier automata

Would be a great character and the second character in all of Tekken to be able to harm herself, she could be a high risk high reward character at times using her self destruct to save the match. She would have chargeable attacks like Jack and be a very fluent but kind of weak fighter with long combo strings as well as a slower stronger character depending on what weapon you use, so a stance dance character.




So what are your guys thoughts? Hyped? Disappointed? Rather have had someone else? Post in the comments!




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at least they didn't have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 



if tekken 7 gets another guest character after Noctis

it would probably be someone already related to PS4

2B is pretty possible..
any anime character probably wont

Geralt from Witch hunter maybe...

or someone from Mass Effect


but my guess will probably the Hunter from Bloodborne

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