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I seriously have no idea where to stick this, so if it needs to be moved that's fine, but I really think it's time we addressed the constant ad threads that keep coming up. First off, I haven't clicked any of them, but for all we know, they are viruses or worse, and because our only mod right now is Optic who is clearly busy with real life, nothing is ever done about them. Even if some or all of them aren't viruses, I don't remember this forum existing to be an ad for people who desperately feel the need to plugged. i don't know what the best solution is, but these threads are annoying, and something needs to be done about them. If they are legit, they probably need their own forum to go to, if they aren't, they need to be deleted so that no one clicks on them unsuspecting and gets a virus. This problem started before we switched to this new forum layout and I caught a few of them and closed or deleted them, but now there's little I or anyone else can do and it needs to handled one way or another. Anyone have their own opinions on the matter?

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Hi @RepentantSky I have been spam cleaning them on a daily basis, if I have missed any please don't hesitate to use the Report link as I get an instant email notification for reports.

Having said that, I will be reviewing our guidelines regarding advertising. Currently we only allow it in the forums inside Creative Corner if you've reached 10 posts but we are getting a lot of people just ignoring that.

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