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Violet Evergarden - Episode Discussion

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This is the episode discussion topic for Violet Evergarden.

General discussion topic:


I've started this topic a little late with 3 episodes already aired but of course feel free to join the discussion at any episode!


Episode 1: 7/10


Violet wakes up to recovering from wounds, and is accompanied to a new home in the beautiful port city of Leiden.

We also get a glimpse of Violet's past with her serving Major Gilbert during the war. But now the war is now over and Violet is forced to adapt to a peaceful life, and continues to try finding the major (not knowing his true fate after his last words to her "I love you,"). And with that, Violet decides she wants to become an Auto Memory Doll after hearing those same words again.


It was cute seeing Violet working so diligently working in the post office! It was quite amusing seeing her surprise everyone with her very efficient abilities.

Overall a very beautiful and stylish start to the series.

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Episode 3:




Um, weren't the Auto Memory Doll occupation only created after the war? I find it hard to believe anyone would have this sort of attitude regarding them after only a few years.



Has anyone ever seen that movie Vertigo? This shot reminded me of it.



I should take this to heart. It's not easy to express one's feelings but I guess it might not be as hard as I think.

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@Mars Terra

Regarding the origin of the Auto Memory Doll occupation, I can't remember exactly but was it really mentioned it only started appearing after the war? I thought it was just a pseudonym for a letter typist. I had another quick look at the end of E02 and there was a mention about the origin of the term revolving around that novelist who became blind (and so the inventor gave her a typewriter to continue writing).


Episode 4: 6/10


Iris and Violet travel to another town (Iris's homevillage) in response to a request but Iris injures herself prior to their arrival so Violet is required to do the typing. Then it turns out Iris's client was a false name and it was actually her mother that requested her, in order to write a birthday invitation party for Iris. As usual Violet misinterprets the mood by being too blunt in trying to follow the client's contract (Iris's mother) vs. respecting Iris's feelings about her former childhood friend crush.

Whilst it was nice to break the pacing a bit by focusing on one of the other characters instead of Violet, I found Iris's family drama a bit too much. Good to see though that Iris got that off her chest and her learning more about Violet's feelings about the major can only be a good thing moving forward...

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@Optic No, you're right.



Episode 7:

So this guy doesn't seem to have had contact with anyone for a while.

I don't know if they said, but how did his daughter die?

And how did Violet manage such a amazing feat!? OωO

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Finished the show last week, and I loved it. 

The story was told well, as we slowly started seeing more and more of the trauma that Violet had to endure. The way the story slowly revealed parts of the same scene through episodes gone past was effective in showing Violet's growth as a person, moving past the tool that she though she was.

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    • By eCapter
      Hey guys,
      so first a spoiler warning: Warning, might contain minor or  major spoilers!
      What i want to talk about are her hands. It happens several times that someone is blaming Violet for “using the very same hands that killed so many” to do something beautiful. The smartass in me then always thought “but hey they are not the same hands ;)” and Im sure the produces must have been aware, that people would think that, but I didn’t give much value to that, I just accepted it. But now I thought that maybe that was intentional? A hint for a symbol. She lost that evil, killing hands at the last battle and got new innocent ones to start a new innocent life, with her hands doing beautiful things. Like the evil killing machine literally fell apart from her.

      Another thing is, that she first uses her mouth to pull off her gloves. Later its shown clearly that she suddenly changes her mind and starts using her hands to do that, as how its “normal”. First I thought that was just to show that she accepted her artificial hands as part of herself. But now I think that it might be supposed to show, that with accepting her peaceful hands, she also generally accepted her new peaceful life and allowing emotions as an alternative to the military life. I think it is also about the same time when she starts to do things less like a soldier.

      So, does anybody else find this mentionable? Or did you find that so obvious that you noticed it right away?

      MfG eCapter
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