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I Cant find the name of this anime plz help


I was watching a youtube video and this anime i saw caught my attention but it does not say the name of it i was wondering if anyone on here could identify it for me so i can binge watch it.

Here's the link:


Any help would be appreciated 

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I just recently binged Naragami myself without knowing it was incomplete. That's something to note before you decide to binge. One of the writers got an illness and both the anime and manga have been placed on indefinite hiatus. So there will be no season 3 and no continuation of the manga. If you don't mind a cliffhanger, binge to your heart's content. The story and character development was good, just would have liked to see what happened with the characters. 

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    • By Ziegengott
      Im looking for the name of an anime. 
      The anime was about a guy who did not went to school because his best friend(girl) killed herself, also he is one of the seven cant remember rlly what
      thx for your help
    • By RinoAtkins
      I once saw an anime (I think on Adult Swim) close to 10 years ago, I only watched 1 or 2 episodes and I cannot think of the name. I have already looked at all the anime shows that adult swim has played and I don't see it or I just don't recognize the name. I will try and explain the plot as best as I can remember it.
      The main protagonist was a teenage boy that meets this strange girl, she explains to him that every human has a life force that resembles a blue flame burning inside each person, she tells him that his flame is burning out will be extinguished at midnight. As they sit on the roof of a house you see his flame going out and as soon as it does it relights and he doesn't die. The girl then acts surprised and calls him something catchy that explains that every night at midnight his flame will be re-lit. I think then she shows him that there are monsters living among the people disguised as humans, and thats about all I remember lol
      If anyone knows what this show was please let me know, I know it isn't much to go on but this is all I can remember of it.
    • By akanemizuki
      so this is kinda stupid cuz i remember watching an anime back when i was like a small kid, but i still remember the story(well, most of it) but i cant remember which anime it was. i searched everywhere but i just  cant find an answer.
                          the story is like this: there's a guy he marries a girl but then there's another girl who's really jealous because she likes this guy. she runs away from that place but she is followed by another guy who likes her. he tries to stop her but apparently this girl does something stupid( i dnt remember wat) she is kidnapped by someone and then she is saved by the main guy(i guess) then in the end there's something related to a baby being born and something like that .
    • By Thoric
      I don't really know how to start this, but I'm going to my first convention in a few months and I'm super nervous. I seriously need some advice. I don't know if I should cosplay or not, and if I do what should I go as?  What can I buy? How much money should I be bringing/ spending at the con? 
      I'm also going alone, so yay me. I seriously need some help.
    • By DDLG Alien
      Hey guys, new to the site. I joined for a specific reason though, i've been scouring the web for days looking for a very specific set of themes in any anime. I'm looking for anything involving a relationship with a caregiver type protector and a kind of needy, super cute counterpart who has a childlike mentality. It could be SFW or NSFW, i dont mind. Romantic, intimate type scenes are a plus, anything involving a power exchange is cool, I'm open minded towards all kinds of other topics being thrown in there, including ones that others may find triggering. I'm in a DDLG relationship (daddy dom little girl) (which is a relationship between 2 consenting adults, one being a "caregiver daddy dom" and a submissive "little girl" who has childlike tendencies) and im looking for something to watch that will make me feel sentimental and all that jazz lol. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
      BTW if its any help, i recently found a manga called Totsukuni no Shoujo that features a lot of these themes and i enjoy it quite a bit, I would just prefer to be able to watch it versus having to read it. that being said, im okay with subs or dubs.
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