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Any one play Final Fantasy XIV

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am thinking of maybe trying it out as im looking in to other online games atm

and also if you do , do you know if there are servers close to me in australia like an oceanic server or am I needing to join an NA or EU server again

apart from the fact um playing on an NA server with my current game the publishers are going thru changes that currently seem to be problematic to the game so im basically going to take a brake and check out some others

so id be interested if you play this game whats your opinion and input

and yes im currently sown loading the steam trial version

also feel free to suggest any others you feel will fall in to this type of mmo category if you feel it will be of worth to fill the situation needed

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I used to play ffxiv, but that was a while ago and I played it on a console. It was pretty interesting and I played with some of my friends occasionally, but then I went to uni and stopped playing. I remember playing for ~5 hours a day and when I stopped, I was a lvl 50 bard. 

I don't think I know of any other similar games besides maybe Tera? I haven't played that one for a while either, but I think I got bored bc there wasn't really much variation playing as a gunner. I usually play more strategy oriented games that are turn based ^^

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