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Description: A long time ago, unknown beings known as Kotona invaded Earth in search of food. Humans were unable to repel them until after a few years, some people gained special abilities known as ‘douryoku’ which allowed them to exterminate the Kotona and return peace to the world.

Now, Seiichi attends the super-elite Kashinomori Academy which trains people with douryoku in preparation for another attack by the Kotona. However, even though he has great power, he doesn’t have the ability to manifest it, leading to him being labelled as ‘most useless one’. The rest of the students in his class all had great skill, but in particular one girl caught his attention. Akane had average powers even though she came from a distinguished family, so she trained hard daily to improve her skills. Watching her, he can’t help but want to help her[...]

source: VNDB, translated by: Flying pantsu (fan translated, dont think it was ever officially translated)


its initially a "isekai" world, so far from my understanding of the world, you're power level is over 9000..!!! (the main character's power level, also dragon ball meme), and that the MC doesn't even know how to use it, though, SPOILER 


MC is just a support character in the game, and literally is a booster for other girls power level, but he himself is just useless/cant take hits


it also, contains somewhat of a, "arena/tournament" styled story, so just a heads up, 

also, i dont think this has any "non R18" version, so if you ever play it, you're gonna see some noods farther in the story, (i think you will see one early, but nothing coitus related)

so far, i got stuck midway in the story, but is the story as i expected it to be so far, also, touko best girl

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