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Discuss the Visual Novels you love! No references to or pictures of hentai allowed. This is an all ages club.
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  2. This one called ISLAND which is good but am not getting in the mood to finish it.
  3. I typically play the routes I want....sometimes I'll try something different to see what the other side is like. I have discovered that I have a type and what characteristics I prefer a romantic interest to display (apparently I go after the same type all the time lol). I might try multiple endings...but sometimes it just isn't worth it. Depends on the quality of the story itself.
  4. Typically I only play the routes that interest me the most which as of right now, has never been all of them. I know in some cases that's not how you're supposed to do it as the routes may come together to form a coherent central story only when you've gone through all of them. However, there's a lot to read and I tend to be a slow reader so I enjoy going through what feels like the best parts and moving on to the next thing even if I might miss something. Don't have the patience for the alternative.
  5. I remember when there was a time when I would do something similar like the OP, read one route then move on to another VN, before coming back to that first VN when I finished another route for the second VN. Nowadays, I just read six VNs at the same time, not really caring which route I finish first. Nowadays, I'm just trying to find anything to kill my boredom.
  6. Personally, I prefer drama and horror. I don't really enjoy romance or mystery visual novels, even if I happen to run into a lot of the latter genre because many of them are considered to be kamige. Mystery stories are fine, but I find that a number of them tend to have a boring story and characters, like Ever17 and Root Double. I also don't like happy endings that are wrapped up neatly with a bow on top. I prefer more realistic endings that address the kind of conflict the characters had to go through. Above all else, I guess I prefer tragedies over happy stories. I find them literally more stimulating than peaceful and relaxing stories. Tragic stories literally trigger your senses and emotions far more than relaxing stories would. I like that emotional stimulation. I like it when a VN gets me to feel such intense feelings.
  7. Already talked about it in both intro threads (in the main forum and the intro thread for this club), so here we go again! lol Swan Song Kara no Shoujo Fate/hollow ataraxia Aoishiro Root Double Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ That is all. Might talk about them in details in the future.
  8. Heyo. Already talked about the kind of VNs I'm reading right now in my intro thread, so I'm feeling kinda lazy to repeat all that again, but... whatever. Swan Song Aoishiro Root Double Kara no Shoujo Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Fate/hollow ataraxia I'm from Singapore, currently 28 years old. I like movies and anime, but I'm currently spending more time with visual novels than anime. Haven't seen an anime for months, not counting the adaptation of "The Labyrinth of Grisaia". That is all. Nice to meet yall.
  9. Thats not bad good for a afternoon, or evening.
  10. It's the only demo I've played so can't compare but it should be like 3 hours of playtime.
  11. Is it really long like hours upon hours, or is it one of the shorter ones out there.
  12. I have not played it no, but I checked it out after seeing this. It looks interesting forsure.
  13. Play the demo it's free and it's like the first 1/3rd of the game. They are really trying to make this the best looking visual novel for the next 10 years.
  14. I love the Fault series. One reason it's taking so long to release Fault Silence the Pedant (a prequel) is because it contains interactive elements that the previous KN's didn't have (KN = Kinetic Novels = No Choices)
  15. I haven't played that many visual novels but this one stands above the rest when it comes to world building, production quality, art and pretty much everything I can think off. It's on sale on steam too right now. The biggest issue though is how long the devs are taking to release the next game.
  16. Looks very time consuming, but then thats what I love of VNs. From what I see here this is a must check out. ^^
  17. THIS IS A R18 GAME, and somewhat focused on it?, but the story is actually kinda good (and not focused on the R18 content, so im posting it for the story, BUT ITS R18, you have been forwarned * Synopsis Today is the 2400th birthday of the prince of the demon's realm (you). You make a lot of effort in a demon summoning ritual in order to have your own familiar spirit, but a human girl is summoned instead of a demon...!? Even though you are the expected next demon lord, people may underestimate your magic ability... You have to prove your ability by making the human girl into a demon! source: DLsite(EN), DoujinOtome store (cant link due to R18 content, google at your own risk,) so i tried this, and its not exactly a VN, but it had the vibes of a VN, thus i feel its fair play, its a RPGMV game, so just heads up, you can either do, as the game is made of (which is charming her, making her into a "demon" of sorts, [which means you do lewd stuff to her] or dont at all, what really caught me in was the "disgaea vibe" i kept getting while playing this, but just heads up, it contains nothing that disgaea contains, it is not a SRPG of any sorts, more of a "management" type, but all the characters, felt like it was made out of honor of disgaea 1, (e.g demon lord felt like "laharl", main heroine felt like a "flonne" with a mixture of "etna" (more of flonnes characteristics though), and my favorite character of all, the skeletons, they are clearly the prinny's >.> aside from that, the game actually somewhat kept changing, your first playthough gets you "i didn't expect this kind of gameplay", and on your second playthrough, you will most likely get the true ending, atleast for me, i got the bad end, due to how i prioritized "other" matters if you know what im saying overall, i give this game a disgaea/10, prinny approved edit: right, forgot to mention the story, its vanilla-tier, and pretty much centered in you, the demon prince, demonizing the summoned human, before satan, aka your papi-chulo, comes home and see's that your a failure, problem is, theres a twist in it, that i wont be mentioning ^_^, roughly takes around an hour to finish the game, so id say give it a try if you want ;o
  18. I have not Read this, but it may just have to be added to my list. Dang I have so many VNs to read now.
  19. I was meaning to reply to this awhile ago but got held up with other projects and work, sorry. Yes, more or less. The anime and movie was fantastic... Hoshino is a great robotic girl.
  20. It's a VN so it's fine imo (everyone is always 18+™). Story usually play a huge role in whether I go through the route or not though. Just don't go chasing kids irl lmao
  21. well, it doesn't have to be ryuuji senpai sharing VN's on sale on steam, saw this on facebook so i might aswell share it GRISAIA ON SALE (trilogy and magical girl, seems to be 40%, except eden) incase you guys wanna support sekaiwa project/fronto wing~ ^_^(2.2k for me for all of it, so like, im not sure on this, around 20$?, to lazy to calculator, just woke up, so im basing it on my remembrance of currency conversion <.>)
  22. It looks really cute in terms of the art. I like the story from what I can see too. I honestly have become obsessed with VNs since being in this group.
  23. sooo, pretty much question of the thread is in title; what is the VN-club member's thoughts on <loli> tag in VN's that contain erotic scene's ? i ask this couse, well, i recently found a VN (which is the image i posted), but it may, or may not contain some explicit scenes, and the characters, may, or may not be a loli as for me, well, call me a pedophile/degenerate, but i dont mind loli character's in such category <.> though, i prefer patting their heads more, than doing weird lewd things to them, cause patting head>lewding loli's, for me atleast but what about you, VN-club member's ?!, what are your thoughts ?!, do you find people like me who dont find such act's and read such VN's, a degenerate ?!, or do you also read such VN's, but skip on anything lewd-related to them !?, im semi-interested on the club's PoV on this ;o it is, after all, like incest~, only the fbi is probably tracking me right now...if any one ask's, i was never here
  24. I am almost done with Magical Marriage Lunatics then its on to DaCapo series.

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