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    Outlaw Star,Psycho Pass,Cowboy Bebop.Afro Samurai,Gundam,Black Butler,Vampire Hunter D,Hellsing,Steins Gate,Akira
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    Slice of Life
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    Sebastian Michaelis,Shinya Kogami,Shogo Makshimi


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    Disgea,Danganronpa,Shin Megami Tensei,Trace Memory,Kingdom Hearts,Science Adventure
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    Kyoko Kirigri,Sora,Ashley Robbins,Futaba
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  1. School Days I binge watched in one setting Chaos Head recently to see how terrible it supposedly is and now School Days is the next to watch to see how bad it supposedly is as well too
  2. First Job Self employed on my own blog Dream job media anyalist/critic and hopeful future video game writer Fav food pizza and bacon Fav animal all animals really Fav candy CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!! Fav Ice cream flavor cookies and cream Fav video game The World Ends With You Fav Anime Psycho Pass Do like vegetables Carrots only Do i wear glasses well used to not anymore Fav music genre currently at the moment its J-Rock and J-Pop and the bands i'm listening too is Ling Tosite Sigure and Egoist Do i have any siblings no i'm an only child
  3. Hardcore gamer been playing gmaes since i was very little and i've beaten just about almost all of my backlog right now.
  4. Hungry man southern style bbq
  5. My alltime fav anime op/eds are the cowboy bebop and psycho pass op and my personal fav anime bands are Phantasm (Science adventure) and Blast (NANA)
  6. I've read just about every kingdom hearts manga by now except for the 3rd game manga.
  7. I watched anime as young kid but my school library never had any manga my high school did though and after i left high school i started to be able finding manga and after a while reading the original stuff i found it to be interesting having both adaptation dvd and manga book at the same time.
  8. DMC kicked my ass mutltiple times until i finally beaten it.
  9. Heh now that i'm done with Ghost Trick Phantom Detective and Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin i can now focus even more on my portable backlog now Disgaea 1 on the ds i'm going through at the moment but after that i guess im going to be playing Mario and Luigi partners in time.
  10. Case by Case for me Dub would cowboy bebop and black butler Sub would have to Psycho Pass
  11. Start on watching Future Diary as soon as possible and also finally get around to watching Steamboy and the Death note series.
  12. Life has a funny way of catching up to you. The same people who are going to these Corona parties and on spring break trips are the same ones getting infected from the virus and these clout chasers as well are really just making themselves look like total idiots for their really beyond reckless and selfish decisions. Can't say that i feel sympathy at all towards idiots who are trying to make everyone elses lives even more miserable then it already should be.
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