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  1. School Days I binge watched in one setting Chaos Head recently to see how terrible it supposedly is and now School Days is the next to watch to see how bad it supposedly is as well too
  2. First Job Self employed on my own blog Dream job media anyalist/critic and hopeful future video game writer Fav food pizza and bacon Fav animal all animals really Fav candy CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE!! Fav Ice cream flavor cookies and cream Fav video game The World Ends With You Fav Anime Psycho Pass Do like vegetables Carrots only Do i wear glasses well used to not anymore Fav music genre currently at the moment its J-Rock and J-Pop and the bands i'm listening too is Ling Tosite Sigure and Egoist Do i have any siblings no i'm an only child
  3. Hungry man southern style bbq
  4. My alltime fav anime op/eds are the cowboy bebop and psycho pass op and my personal fav anime bands are Phantasm (Science adventure) and Blast (NANA)
  5. I've read just about every kingdom hearts manga by now except for the 3rd game manga.
  6. I watched anime as young kid but my school library never had any manga my high school did though and after i left high school i started to be able finding manga and after a while reading the original stuff i found it to be interesting having both adaptation dvd and manga book at the same time.
  7. DMC kicked my ass mutltiple times until i finally beaten it.
  8. Heh now that i'm done with Ghost Trick Phantom Detective and Castlevania Portrait Of Ruin i can now focus even more on my portable backlog now Disgaea 1 on the ds i'm going through at the moment but after that i guess im going to be playing Mario and Luigi partners in time.
  9. Case by Case for me Dub would cowboy bebop and black butler Sub would have to Psycho Pass
  10. Start on watching Future Diary as soon as possible and also finally get around to watching Steamboy and the Death note series.
  11. I really liked Teen Titans and the DCAU as a kid and the 90s CN as well too.
  12. Snacks Oreos,chips and Shortbread cookies Food Pizza,wings,poutine and bacon Drinks ginger ale,sprite,root beer and if you ask me pepsi or coke tastes the same.
  13. I can't really laugh at all with shonen humor and i really don't see myself enjoying typical shonen stories as of late like Psyren or even FMA because i just found Edward to be pretty bratty and the characters of psyren to be the typical tropey type cast. I can't even see myself laughing at all the lighthearted stuff in most slice of life or shonen anime either and i see that my humor is really drawn more to Hikigaya Hachiman or Tomoko Kuroki type stuff. In fact as a whole i don't really see myself enjoying shonen as of late basically the only real shonen i can like is the either more darker serious stuff like Death Note Or Black Butler. Darker than black i didn't had a good impression of either probably because i watched season 2 instead of season 1 and i didn't enjoy the cast of the story either. I 'm going to be basically be more pickier from here on out and look for stuff that i am interseted in reading and not bother looking at stuff i might not be.
  14. I can still find plenty of them where i live thankfully and i just wish this whole Corona virus thing blows over like how the h1n1 virus did soon.
  15. Outside of Japanese art style like Nomura or Araki i am really into Gothic styled art.
  16. This year is really the year i'm really starting to focus more and more on looking for anime dvds and manga as while i already did had a few growing up now its really starting to grow more and more whenever i find something i think is cool be it on amazon or while shoping at the second hand video stores. Lets just say that my collection is "modest and leave it at that".
  17. Its getting pretty warm here but its still cold and now its starting to be more rainy.
  18. I grew up with Sony and Nintendo so of course it would be ps3,ps2,ps4,switch,wii and the psp and 3ds. I really am into the older the stuff and also some pretty obscure stuff and now recently i'm getting into the Japan only stuff too. JRPGS Lunar,Parasite Eve,Final Fantasy,Kingdom Hearts and Custom Robo for example. Strategy stuff like Devil Survivor and Disgaea i am really into. Visual novels Trace Memory,Danganronpa,Date A live and anything from the science adventure series. Action oriented games like Devil May Cry or Madworld as well i am really into. Fighting games and beat em ups i do play from time to time like the bouncer,street fighter or blazblue for example.
  19. Busy focusing up on my backlog so besides Dark Rose Valkriye i'm going to be also focusing on my 3ds stuff like Ghost Trick Phantom Detective
  20. Since i'm still exploring around the forums i'll answer this question. -AKIRA -Afro Samurai Resurection -Black Butler Book The Atlantic -Vampire Hunter D
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