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  1. Akira is set in 2019. Edge of Tomorrow is set in 2020. GI Joe the Rise of Cobra is set in 2020. Highlander 2 is set in 2024, we're almost there The Postman (underrated) is set in 2013 The original Robocop was set in the "future" of 1991
  2. MMPR, Samurai and Megaforce. And the theme to Jungle Fury. Watched the latter 3 with my (now) 11 year old, but MPR was too...rough looking for him. Now my 4 year old is working his way through them, and he likes Dino Charge...but he also likes Dino Dan and Dinosaur Train so there's a pattern there.
  3. Today it was 109. should start coming down though.
  4. Live, because they are hard to search for on Google or Youtube.
  5. Ah I was confused when the sample time zone map listed 8/3. That being said, after work I am easily confused. I'd like to watch some Anime but I'm good with pretty much whatever. Mainly I just want some camaraderie with my newfound comrades.
  6. hmm, I second Martian Successor Nadesico, Eureka Seven, and Gurren Lagann. I also feel somehow you would like Code Geass, and A Certain Magical Index.
  7. Gintama. Both MC's are pretty deadpan, both have funny moments but then the MC gets all serious and shows their strength.
  8. I need to catch up! thats how it seems to me: danganronpa meets haruhi meets btooom or something.
  9. I’d be up for it if the time works!
  10. I’m feeling pretty well, I have a day off tomorrow and only a couple of errands to run. Might even get a few episodes of Danmachi in.
  11. I prefer subs but if the va is good I don’t mind dubs. My son prefers dubs so the ones we watch together we watch dubbed. for context I’ve gotten to where I watch everything subtitled.
  12. I’ve never been an advertiser of my fandoms. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I’ve just always been a plain Shirts kind of guy
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