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  1. do people set their TV's to like, maximum brightness or something? im pretty sure that burn-in is a result of, when the brightness is left to like, very high at prolong durations, and thus the LED or something gets stacked? or dies out? or something along those lines? (dont quote me on this, im not an expert) dunno, im not really an expert in these topics, i only know as much as the next anime guy i also dont really have the new consoles aswell, i probably dont plan on getting it either, what with sony censorship being very high, my will to keep in touch when them has di
  2. its pretty much an RPGVX-game, where player's choices will change how the story proceeds, and where any NPC can be killed/die (atleast that's what i wanna make, im blank minded on coding, but maybe adding different maps and spawn point on certain options can do it? atleast that's what i think) haven't really finished writing the script of the story yet, and i was in the middle of mapping some area's--when news of the examination dropped, and so did my plans to continue the project -- atleast until after the exam date (being january 21/22 >.>)
  3. heyo~ and welcome to af-forums~ mood i used to study japanese during my college days, (mainly 3 years ago), but then i got overwhelmed by the amount of kanji there was, and the studies i had to do, that i forgot my hiragana and katakana >.>... drawing is my past time aswell, but as of current, its studying, gotta prep up for my board examination, which in like, two months, hoboihoboi writing..well...a bit? i mean, im doing (read; was) a script for the game im creating...but well, baord exam and stuff >.>... again, welcome to af-
  4. looks pretty unique and cool botan looking allot like arche too

    also me who has been a user and a mod in ths forums for forever: does not know that you 

    can switch the theme and pick the best theme in this very spot


    i would also like to note that



    also, supposedly, the websites update is gonna be friendly on phone-users


    ...i have yet to confirm this, as i am, once again, devoured in studying/cleaning up typhoon mess 


    but its hella visually appealing, the theme i use >.>



    proceed at risk, for i be write sentences in a bee way



    had a typhoon, lost electricity, water reached inside house

    after typhoon, water level be going down, also family cleaning task be also up, so we clean 


    cousins was staying over, cousins be barely help clean house, cousins be watching more and worrying about their "cabinet" that they asked dad to buy

    male cousin, same age as me, be scream at my dad, i get pissed but let it slide

    day 1 (yesterday) end

    day 2 (today); start

    me and papi be clean house starting 5:30am

    we be clean 50% after whole day

    male cousin be majority of time watch us, barely helping us carry sh*t down, 

    he did help, but like, 1/5 times he would help carry something, otherwise just watch

    be night time, be get electricity at last, be fixing our room, also fix our computers (my and my brothers)

    while fixing my brothers pc, be hear some scream from male cousin

    be let it slide, for 5 minutes atleast

    after 5 minutes

    "be chotto matekudawait oni-brother"

    be leave room


    he gets up

    he tells me i dont know who im messing with


    be physical a bit, mainly grabbing his neck

    be wanting to carry him and throw him on the floor, but...

    body weak, no more strenght to do anything

    be stopped by dad and big bro

    be tell us to stfu even though were both screaming at each other

    im the first one to stfu, letting him rant, time to time saying sh*t to him, but majority of time stfuing couse feel bad for dad


    he be leave


    wanna know the f*cked up part ?


    the reason he was shouting at my father was, couse cousins called their parents

    and the so called "cousins" told their parents they "helped" clean the house

    in which dad said, "help? what help? the majority of work was my sons gf, she cleaned majority of the dirt, followed by "yours truely"

    "dad: you only carried like, one box, and then went off doing nothing"

    and then that f*cktwad got mad, and screamed at my father, heh


    also, while we were shouting at each other, he said "i watched too much of my CARTOONS"


    b*tch, you watch too much bike sports, you aint a BMX god, even i can f*cking do "tricks" on BMX

    do i wanna? no

    im too busy with f*cking life, studying, doing my project, and also arts, and what do you do? F*CKING LEECH AT OTHER PEOPLE?! DECIEVE YOUR OWN UNCLE?!?!?


    /rant over

  7. "i am currently semi dead (inactive) for 3 months"

    cant wait to finish my responsibilities ~.~

  8. When you find out board exam is coming soon








      Lol, I can relate. Good luck. ♥

  9. finished watching jojo

    part 3 was the best, FITE MI



  10. well seeing as i've been here for like 2 years now...it certainly has quieted down as compared to when i first join it AF-forums also doesn't have that certain spark i see when i first found it (maybe its due to how the guys i met back then are not logging on anymore?) in behest to other forums though, AF-forums is pretty active, as compared to other forums (not comparing to others, e.g mal, f95, ulmf, etc) also to answer one question.... hopefully indoors and not outside
  11. who even needs math nowadays but geniuses, amirite but yea, never know what you feel, my math teacher didnt know math herself, and we basically didnt even math during her lecture subject: math topic: life experience pretty much sums up my math teacher in college, tbh
  12. hey and welcome to af-forums~! about the profile picture one...
  13. (/rant warning)you may all be wonder

    "where is page 11?"

    (probably not)

    well to answer that question...

    I QUIT

    yea that's right

    i fukken quit, why? couse i fuc*ing quit

    i been supressing this sadness for too long, and i now, quit making the comic!

    not like i had anyone looking forward to the comic anyway, felt like i was wasting my time over nothing ~.~


    and with that said and done, i am going back to what my passion is -- making my god damn game >; o

    main objective was to just gitgud on arts, now that im good at arts, i can go ahead and make the game !

    im gonna review my script again, i know how story goes, i already have some written, but i wanna go over it and add/remove some stuff

    after which, i will go forward onto mapping, with a side of creating the characters

    ah - but i will also start studying -- after jojo (which i will finish today). so pretty much this is how my days will go from now on

    wake up (around 7-9pm); do gacha dailies, study till 5pm, 

    jog - 5 to 6pm

    script - from 6 to 11pm

  14. XII360

    meow meow~

    mew~? pretty much my old artwork stuff mew~ pretty much where ill upload things now, figured having two gallery is meh, i aint touching the first gallery i made tho'!, so pretty much this is my old and new artwork stuff initially pure .png (no background) means its newly drawn (atleast not 3 years ago from whence i posted this ?!) just like my other album, ill leave a comment on each drawing about what its about or details about it ;o
  15. XII360

    page 10.png

    From the album: meow meow~

  16. XII360

    page 9.png

    From the album: meow meow~

  17. XII360

    Page 8.png

    From the album: meow meow~

  18. XII360

    page 7.png

    From the album: meow meow~

  19. bruh, wtf

    someone on reddit already managed to guess what the answer is on the comic

    toke a ss of his reply, and i will post it once its over, probably follow him too after its done >.>

    i am rush mode on comics, atleast, i will draw focused-ly ish now

    and fast

    and make use of chibis more often >.>

  20. same brother, im currently watching part 4 (slowly), as i recently watched parts 1-3 AND IT WAS BADASS this "meme" i saw years back is hella true >_>... and yes, its for confirming new users, you need two confirmed posts, before you are allowed to post without needing confirmation from mods its to avoid spam and assure that new users follow rules of the website (and we get those two allot) oh yea, and welcome to the forums
  21. BALLS

    also, cute way of drawing nose, i shall study (read; copy) its way, and apply it to my arts~! 

    (not always tho)


  22. >corpse party remake me: YES >announced for nintendo switch me: ..oh i dont have a switch ;_; i have seen the anime, and i have played the game (i found out about it from the game) and i gotta say, the anime was meh, but the game was a mastapiece i mean..
  23. high mood on all the bolded text in quote one of my most favorite characters of all time are -- kudryavka (little busters), misaki sawatari (Fureraba), kiyohime (from FGO/fate series) i also buy merchs -- but mostly the merchs i buy are acrylic keychains --that's all i can afford
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