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  1. yokoso, velveto room AF-forum, OrchestralChaos, the great chosen one whom'st has travelled and experienced so much decades of experience from so many great generations of king's in these far lands ...on second thought, we haven't had much great kings as of late, so probably, scratch that jojo's whole story is great, ngl, i was one of those who were skeptical of it, due to sheer homomanliness in the show how wrong i was when i watched it ~.~ i've seen ranma 1/2, as a child, on animax, but i haven't seen any latest shows as of late i plan on watching jujutsu kaisen later while on duty though, (night duty should be quiet, atleast around 12mn, i should have time to watch anime then xD) again, welcome to the forums~!
  2. Night duty be benign af


    1. XII360



      it wasn't the case last night


      the day is 5/19/21

      so i was in hospital at 3:00pm, ontime for duty

      my co-workers leave at 7:00pm, so we had a meeting with medical director at around 5:00 pm, which lasted upto around 7:00pm, 


      i had 4 platelets on our rotator (because platelets need constant movement to avoid early expiry/faulty platelets), which was suppose to expire at 5/20/21


      the platelet had not been crossmatched yet for the patient, i planned on doing it ASAP after all ER patients were done for

      so what happened was

      ER kept recieving patients at 7:00pm (everyone already left, and i will be the only RMT in charge at night duty)



      and the panik i had was huge, couse if platelets expire, well, 

      its not really easy to get platelets, so clearly i would get an IR for that, if it ever happened


      so yea, lowkey, i PANIK but also CALM couse i need to be open minded when doing crossmatching, couse patient can really die if i f*ck up on crossmatching


      and yea, nurse ended up helping me out by doing some CBG/RBS on patients that was suppose to be thrown onto me, and the radiologist next to our laboratory ended up helping me on recieption work, as patients kept pestering me for "results" or "swab" or "extraction" or "urine reading"


      was really toxic


      oh and, a senior of mine who lives near the laboratory came and visited, and double checked my crossmatch, along with what i did, and helped me on printing the results, since im not used to printing crossmatch results yet, so it would have taken me a bit to copy-paste format of crossmatching


      and yea, finished everything at 12MN

      after 12midnight, where it was benign, i still had work to do

      my co-workers left everything to me, didn't log and or restock supplies

      so yea, pretty much from 12 midnight to 4:50pm, i was doing logging work of results, restocking supplies, and et al, 

      managed to sleep for 30minutes, before i went and extracted blood samples for morning pick patients (i had CBG/Sodium request at 6AM, toke them at 5:30AM to remove them from my workload/endorsement)


      and yea, all in all, it was a really fun, albeit, toxic night >.>

  3. i personally use clipstudiopaint for drawing my arts, wacom should have it's own software/driver when you use it though, probably, not sure, dont really use wacom o_o
  4. welcome to the forums~
  5. the template (above image) [by template, i mean the + on her face, not the eyes/nose, drawing eyes/nose is just a preference i like doing before hair, the + can also be a huge guide for eyes, soo >.>...] and yea, using the + template just use it as a distance on how long (height-wise) you can draw hair, for width wise, just make sure its within her shoulders, could go a bit beyond shoulders, but shouldn't go toooo far from the shoulders and then yea, fix it and you will get nice hair? i just drew this quickly, still on the legs of the drawing tbh, and thats harder x_x im using XP-pen, its really old (like 2015? model i think, not sure, its pretty extinct now) which costed me 5k Php (more less around 100$) This is the tablet btw, excuse the mess on my table, im too lazy to clean it all up ~.~
  6. personally, the way i draw hair is via just drawing a template few strokes/simple ones at first and then once you have a hair-shaped line, add a few details and voila it's kinda tricky? at start, but then you start to get used to the strokes, and can draw them simply ill post an example of how i draw hair, (on-going atm, will edit as i go) the template i mean hair on going
  7. Welp good news (2)

    I have been working for 12days on a secondary hospital

    And have learned allot

    Like swabbing patients for covid test

    Like reading cells on a microscope ^_^

    Like operating cobacs (a clinical chemistry machinery)

    Like making known cells (for reverse typing in terms of blood typing)

    Like other stuff i cant remember at the moment

    Lab has been fun ^^

    Started knitting some stuff on my scrub suit, to attach my keychain in it >.<







    what else, thats all i guess

    pay-wise, i got a job that pays correctly (18k), WAYYYY better than the two hospitals i applied for before ARMMC one (being 12k offer...F*CKING 12000 Php, A LICENSED MEDICAL INDIVIDUAL GETTING PAID TWELVE THOUSAND ONLY, nani the f*ck?)

    a janitor gets paid more, smh

    1. XII360


      @Wedgy mhmm, experience is most important part right now, im lucky enough that im gonna get paid 18,000php (300euro's) + 100php (1.70euro) per individual swabbed for covid, when the first two hospitals wanted to pay me 12,000 (200euro's) only, and said that's the best they could do, since i didn't have experience yet

  8. welp, bad news

    they are looking for lab tech

    and thus, my work there is done

    back to job hunting *.*

    1. Tefutakato


      That sucks, don’t give up hope to finding work. I believe you’ll find something nice soon.

  9. just got contacted by the hospital i intern'ed at


    ara ara~

    looks like ryu-kun is getting a job soon~

    my mom/dad is so happy right now >.>

    1. Tefutakato


      Congratulations buddy! 

  10. welp. was gone for a few days

    but i blame me playing Divinity 2 (DnD like game) with my best friend

    and it toke us 300hours to finish it >.>....


    but im back now, still looking for a job, but im back xD

  11. me: get a license

    hospital: best i can do is 12,356php (or 214.30 EUR/253.92 USD)


    fun fact, average salary for my license/profession, as starting, is 350eur/a month >.>


    man, wish i could apply on the spot i interned at, the pay is more proper there ~.~

    but i may have no choice, i need hospital experience, smh

  12. it was sudden, and its really hard to add to timetable, but gonna donate blood for a friend


    gonna need to be early tomorrow, so that it doesn't affect sched for guarding my big bro's store


    which means i need sleep

    which means

    good night : )

  13. i guess you could just google them? google should give you some also a reminder, DO NOT LINK UNLICENSED/STREAMING WEBSITES ON THE FORUM, AS IT VIOLATES RULE#2 OF THE FORUMS talking is fine tho
  14. THREAD WILL BE MONITORED, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER WE HAVE RULES TO FOLLOW DO NOT LINK UNLICENSED/STEAMING WEBSITES but yea, you could just google the anime and find them there, i guess?
  15. drew basu-chan today (tuyu character)



    everything may look fine on a depressed individual, but always remember, they hide their true feelings well



    which is why behind basu's paper, she's really suffering


    had the feeling of drawing this, due to a friend i know who is suffering from depression...dunno if they think of me as a friend tho' xD

    also i really wanted to draw some tuyu art



    well anyway, enough sad shiz


    if you arrived this far, then you have been reading the above texts

    and thus, i present to you, MY PIC LICENSE I GOT TODAY


    im censoring the Registration number, for that number is the most important info, my face and other shiz aint that important >.>


    now i just need to find a job <3

  16. finished drawing Fei (the fairy) [2021]


    it only toke me, what, 1 week ?

    man i blame having only 2 hours to draw, after coming back from my big bro's store >.>

    obligatory to post old art of Fei too [2019]





    i swear, hypergryph is a music company, COUSE THEY MAKE AWEASOME SOUND TRACKS THE <beep>


    and with this, im done, feel like drawing a Tuyu art, might work on it soon, will first get my license tomorrow, and post it tomorrow here

    will ofcourse censor some parts of my license, but man, its for protection reasons, of having my license stolen and all that crap >_<


  17. "sigh"

    got called wierd by a girl


    well, not the first girl who ever said that to my face~


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    2. XII360


      @LonelyPoet i know the girl though, sooooo [not close close, but id say just "acquaintances"]

      yea, it doesn't hurt as much as the very first time it happened to me

    3. Ohayotaku



      it’s the compatible part that’s rough, but hang in there friend

  18. man idk, its just one of my wierd fetish probably,

    open at risk of your own >.>




    (this is obviously not final product, just felt like doing one >.>....)

    1. Ohayotaku


      Cactus girl or Venus Flytrap girl? 🤔

    2. XII360


      @Ohayotaku idk man, i just do wierd black lines when im too tired, couse it makes it scarier,

      atleast, i think it does ? >.>

      gives it a "cursed" vibe >.>....

  19. image.thumb.png.43ea3907e005db553acecac8ef81f197.png

    working on new Fei character sheet or something (right one is 2019? 2018? drawing)








    and its







    over all, im doing fine


    1. Beocat


      I think you drew it right actually.  She's leaning over in this time, so the 'ruffles' would have dipped a little making them look more even. If you are talking about the lines that lead up to her hips, I'd just add the two outer ones only in this case. 


      Still better than what I can do! 🙃

    2. XII360


      yea, the two red line's in her hip's is the one im having trouble with


      settled with this for now, couse i honestly can't imagine how the hip lining would look like >_<

      for posting my struggling (reasons? lacking a better term here), i drew all these other ones, before i settled with above one >.>


      [its probably hard to understand, couse even i dont understand what i posted >.<]

  20. out of all the cover i've heard of this song

    roboco clearly did it the best, and the first time i heard it was from tenshi's voice >.>

    she's just into the song, which multiplies the fun factor also her giggling feels like shes mocking me, and thats a masochistic hit to me


    also added a few logo/emblem/another word for them that i forgot, but wrote on script



    NOW i can go work on Fei's character rework >.>

  21. when you're looking for a refference, and then this comes up on your google search




    1. Kurosaki27


      USSR Loli. YES.

    2. XII360


      i was just looking for references, why did google show me a "yandere flag", and a rori dragon for mother rushia russia

      i didn't even notice Kanna down there >.>


  22. when you thought it ended, then's the time they release muramasa then's also the time i watch my hard earned SQ burn
  23. i was gonna post kudryavka, for she will alway's be my daughterfu ...but that's the thing, she's a daughterfu, and thus i cant post her and thus, the council (not per se council, more of I), have decided to post the best waifu there is known to man,land, and or all waifu in existence! i present to you, BOX KUN! #hailtheking ..or #hailthequeen? ...#equality but in all seriousness,
  24. "walks up to your profile page"

    uwu is that a banana, or are you just happy to see me?

    ...ill see myself out now 

    thanks for the follow is all i wanted to say, i just made it awkward >.>

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    2. XII360


      @LonelyPoet i would then be infected with you're happiness, and the fact that you brought me banana multiplies it

      why you may ask ?

      for we go back to monke age

      return to monke, reject the horni

      horni's go bonk's

    3. Bioengineered


      @XII360 Genuinely didn't know how to reply to this... 🤣 Come back though, I really like your art! 😊

    4. XII360


      @Bioengineered i have no idea what i was thinking/why my brain even said to write such cringe lines


      Butttt who caressss, its not like i need to be a professional on the internet, i can be a kid again in here~

      thankies, dirty art is best art in my case, totally not an excuse that making drawing neat is hard or anything

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