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  1. image.thumb.png.ca0764265caa9f3a845b4dd838c53199.png3d models are so damn useful >.>

    felt like i was missing something, and i clearly did

  2. pretty much, just do [ spoiler ]this is spoilered [ / spoiler ] (no spacebars) which will become you dont need to add the <>'s, brackets is the important one
  3. obligatory song post~

    its bretty good

  4. ryu-sama, ryu-sama, where art thou, peji 8?!

    well...ill answer that question, with another question

    >ryu-sama, ryu-sama, HOW ARE YOU DOING ?!?!

    im doing fine btw >.>

    but yea, main reason is...


    i also play in europe server, while being in asia, but if anyone wants to hit me up, im level 10, and cant co op yet xD

  5. lemme help you out, by answering them to my bestiest~ for me, you should, i post my manga in r/arknights [reddit], but i also post it in here, SD, and my twitter, i see allot of artists share their manga at twitter, but im sure any social media will do, aslong as you get exposure, its cool put watermarks, if you're that scared, or put secret signature somewhere in there, to call them out incase someone "claims" to be the artist of you're work though, i personally don't really do secret signatures in my work, simply because i know i can re-create my art, better than someone else who simply say "their the artist" or try to copy my artstyle (also, every artist can be distinguished by the way something was drawn..e.g., one look at my art, and you will instantly know its my artwork, due to how much lines i drew somewhere in the hair or say, keep the RAW file of the manga (the .clip, or whichever software you will use for art) so trapped in digital world? huh it's fine, it would be even better if you could post a day a page, but you dont need too, if it's a manga-type panel, that would be hard, if it was colored, it would be even more harder (i know, based on how long it takes me ~.~) if you dislike posting in forums, you're free to post it in other social media websites (e.g. twitter, pixiv,reddit, etc etc) i think i mentioned it above, i post my comic on reddit, twitter, Sugoi Desu, and AF forums (i didn't make a thread, couse i felt like no one would be interested in it...so i just post it in my status), but you are free to post your comic pages in the art exhibit part though i don't get this part, shouldn't you have the raw copy of the page?, or was it physically drawn, and the paper is missing now?
  6. have fun and be sure to have enough motivation to see it through to the end would be balls if you stop midway of the story after all, for the readers where will you be posting this manga, and what is it's genre? if you dont mind me asking i see so many manga creators nowadays though, kinda wierd huh >.>
  7. XII360


    welcome to the forums~! im sure you will find some great suggestions from other users (not me, im hella outdated on current/past anime), and you would find a great friend to talk about anime with! (this part you can count on me aswell, but not 100%, since im not that updated to anime <_>)
  8. depression got the best of me for a bit, due to overthinking some stuff

    so decided to cool down by playing GENSHIN IMPACT! a totally not sponsored advertisement!

    tired of depression? tired of drawing? well, look no further! with genshin impact, you will feel 100% stressed due to grind!


    yea im sorry, idk what i was going there >.>

    but yea, felt sad, gamed, back to normal, somewhat

    as a loli once said -- ITAI NO ITAI NO, TONDEKE



  9. 225176088_sidestoryursus.thumb.png.1a5fd6f2c051f9f525a0a34b48ddbdcd.pngalso drew one of my favorite scenes in side story of ursus

    90% sadness

    but this scene made it the best

    just the best

  10. drew a "WHAT IF" based on page 4's choices~!


    kevin is alive ffs

  11. page 7 done, leaving reddit link, for people on AF-forums to vote, if they want to xD


  12. snowsant loves you <3


    aslong as you love her back




    SHES NOT EVEN A YANDERE FOR PITS SAKEimage.thumb.png.6b88427e563951d06d4d08ed7389ec69.png

    im making this my new avi on reddit

  14. doesn't MAL have a list of top 10 anime for the seasons ? aside from that, there's youtubers (e.g gigguk, animeman, et, al)
  15. its cool, just remember, if its physical school meeting, to wear mask and bring the holy alcohol to battle! also i forgot to mention, aside from funny scenes, there are allot of ecchi-jokes in it, so just heads up >.>
  16. sooo, i dont have enough space, since i placed an "inside joke" on other side...and i need to make more space for another joke

    RIP FOX MASK, YOU NEED TO BE SACRIFICED (and maybe the ZZ's one q-q)



  17. funnily enough, same ...but i haven't watched it is the major difference i have read some manga about it though, key term, "some"
  18. done on Page 6

    giving credit to nhimzy for allowing me to use his artstyle on panel 4 (the black and white one xD)

    his twitter

    nhim's patreon

    cant wait to finish next page, it will have some decisions for reddit users to pick~!

    Page 6.png

  19. got permission on nhimzy to use his red-artstyle on a panel



    was prepared to re-do this, if he didn't reply, or said no, but since his cool im gonna fix it up a bit later xD

    i SHOULD finish soon, was doing panel 5 while waiting for his reply, and panel 6 isn't really hard to do

    panel 3 was probably the hardest for me, COUSE I HAD TO DO BACKGROUND 

    and background is hard ~.~

    1. XII360


      also, before i forget did a 1-hour drawing yesterday



  20. me yesterday: I CANT DRAW HAIR PROPERLY FFS

    me today : hehe, posture looks like a dog taking a piss

    ...lemme do that real quick




    fun fact, theres nothing NSFW behind white light, i just felt it would be funnier to do that (i didn't add any details or anything atleast, its just a huge wave, like think of boobies line >.>


    obligatory song post too~!


  21. got 50% of it right then, (technically, 30%, but im not good at math) the manga your making, based on information given thus far -- it somehow reminds me of seitokai yakuindomo (being mass of the casts, are student coucil) it doesn't have romance in it (atleast, from what i rememeber), maybe you can get some idea's from that show/manga ? (you also did say its gonna be a "manga 'bonus'", so it should technically be a non-serious, and more funsies time
  22. i for one, dont think its pedophilia, so long as you dont actually touch a real life, inexperienced, girl, it <shouldn't> be considered pedophilia but i think majority of people would say otherwise, its creepy to see an old guy simping over a 15y/o still liking anime in 70's...shouldn't really say much, for one, your 70, you're gonna be kicking the bucket soon, so who cares its a hobby you like, if it doesn't hurt anyone, it shouldn't matter im saying, physically hurt, im not talking about "creeped out" hurt, or something, those are called haters though, to be 70y/o, and still be watching anime, you must have allot of knowledge on past animu then >.>
  23. daichi hella popular i can mood with Tanaka-sama though, being a baka-dere and all based on info you gave though, i got nothing, is the story gonna be like, a wholesome one, or a dark-esque, blocking type ? [not sure how i term "blocking"...being more forward, NTR-esque?] (judging by the title of the manga, i think more of comedy/wholesome, with a side of someone crying in the end, most notably, the one reading, aka; me )
  24. image.thumb.png.837b90195c2959ac8adf454e5adfac24.png


    it feels too off, 



  25. heya~ and welcome to the forums~ im sure there are allot of guys who will enjoy talking to you about your experience with anime, thus far i know of some..but i wont tag them, for they will find their way here soon (i hope)
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