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  1. Just finished Darling in the Franxx. I am overall pretty happy as their will be another season coming. Makes me happy since the ending was fine but could have been a bit better. I am trying to not spoil anything. I will be starting Bunny Senpai Girl next. hahaha
  2. Could not sleep last night. Rushing to finish Darling in the FRANXX right now. 😅

  3. Just finished Sword Art Online. I am so sad right now and my shirt is drenched in sweat from watching the last 5 episodes. 😪

  4. Currently watching Sword Art Online. Watched the first season a couple of years ago, than never had the time for anime. Now I am back and never trading my time with anime away! I have yet to catch up to the latest episode and by far SAO is my favorite anime After I catch up on SAO, I have a semi long list with lots of anime to watch. I am excited to get started with the list.
  5. Don't get me started. After watching a really good episode or turn my head away form the screen I feel this sudden snap back in reality. It takes me a good couple of seconds to remember what I was doing, where I am at and if their is anything else I need to do during the day. I even had times where my phone was ringing and I was completely zoned into the anime. After, ill self reflect and ask my self how good the anime is so far. I swear some anime are just so damn good, you wish you lived in that realm. I do agree! When watching A really good anime or reading A good novel and A character dies that you really like, it's extremely difficult to recover from. Same goes when a phenomenal anime series comes to an end. Even after a few days or months, sometimes years, you will still think back upon it.
  6. Sometimes when something is said in an anime. I just naturally understand what they said or what the sentence was about. Don't get me wrong though, I am taking baby steps learning Japanese and does not happen often to me. Sometimes information just clicks into you subconsciously. I know this sounds crazy but I am sure most of us have at least experienced it a few times haha.
  7. Sub 100% of the time. No way I can watch Dub. This is after all suppose to be in Japanese. I do understand missing on some of the scenes because of having to read the subtitles. I personally don't mind, ill just rewind by 5 or 10 seconds if I can't read the English fast enough. I have taken the initiative to learn Japanese though
  8. Hello Everyone! My name is Cyclosporum and I finally decided to join an anime talk forum. I am very excited to join and talk amongst you guys about our favorite anime. I have been on an amazing rollercoaster about lots of anime. I never want this journey to end. I would love to share my thoughts and feelings here about my experience.

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