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HELP forgot the name of a favorite anime

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Ok so I really need help remembering an anime I watched a while back that I loved. I only recall a few details and I’m hoping someone knows which show I’m talking about and can help me. I’d be very happy thank you. Let me know if you think you know which show this is, thanks 

-MC(male) has some sort of dark uncontrollable power

-When activated his eyes go red and some sort of magic evil makes him want to kill people.

-He covers his eyes (I think) as a way to stop the demon 

-MAYBE he kills his friends/loved ones I’m not sure


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Tokyo ghoul is probably the one you are searching for 'couse satisfy your description, it aired in 2014 if can help it.

Otherwhise you can check Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu (aired 2010) and D.gray man (aired 2006 and has around 100 eps)... but this one doesn't fit perfectly with all the criteria you give us.


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