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Behind the wheel

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Behind the Wheel 

Throw on my coat, my shirt, my pants, my belt, my shoes,

step out of my house staining my all too familiar porch with my all too familiar foot-steps, 

staining my all too familiar eyes with the all too familiar sight of my car, 

it doesn't look far, my car just doesn't look far, 

I step inside, buckle in and hold on tight for the ride,

back-seat driving, not my decision, back-seat driving, not given permission, 

honk the horn, its not far, but I'm so warm, so warm... 

Behind the wheel, I roll over, back flip and heel, how do I feel? 

Red lights? Run. stop signs? Ignored. 

"Red light, stop sign, stop!" these words I cannot say, 

or is it, these words I will not say? 

From the law I stray, every day, and how do I feel? 

Behind the wheel I roll over, I back flip, I heel, 

and to answer how I feel, If I intend to be real, 

it feels all too familiar... 


Familiar seems similar, similar to that with which I am familiar, 

the smell of the oil kills the inner turmoil, 

the feel of the leather feels good forever, 

behind the wheel, I reel, I reel, 

behind the wheel I will,

behind the wheel I die, 

I lie, comfortably, hello miss life, hello mister dream, 

hello mister death, goodbye... 

hello miss life, hello mister death, hello mister dream, 

"Good-bye, good-bye..." May I join you? 


Good times, cheery smiles and joyous laughs, 

bad times, hidden frowns and wicked chuckles, 

comfortable crimes, yes, I'll sit back for miles, 

I'll sit back for miles and focus on their smiles... 

"Hey, I have a suggestion, why don't we stop there?"

Okay miss life, no problem! 

"Hey, I have an idea, why don't we stop there?"

Okay mister dream, no problem! 

"Hey, I have a preposition, why don't you stop there?" 

Okay mister death, no problem... 





Note: Hope you all enjoyed it, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section and realize you are having a beautiful day! ♥ 




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