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I remember the best gaming experience I’ve ever had was at Sea World a few years ago. I was playing a type of samurai game at the arcade that took your bodies movements and incorporated them into the game. I was quite impressed with the games mapping ability for my movements, it wasn’t lagging or having trouble tracking me at all - unlike my Wii at home, which messes up the simplist things in Wii Sports. 😒

I am planning a trip to Carowinds in a couple of months with the family, and strongly desire to spend the entire time in the arcade lol 

Theres going to be Dance Dance Revolution as well! I haven’t played that since High School and I’m surely not going to be winning any high score, but I can’t wait to relive a bit of that nostalgia as well. 

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I never been to an amusement park before nor really want to ever to be honest. :? However where I live we have a stare fair and we have a lot of those carnival games and I've tried them  a lot when I was  younger. Really total rip off / rigged to lose really in to get all your money.  ( at least here it's like that ) Though sometimes people are really good at them and do win things. I only remember wining a gold fish once in my life and felt really happy and proud of myself that day.  I think we have a place though in the fair park where you can play arcade games but nothing too extreme like in bigger cities.

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