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What Are Your Thoughts On The Latest Episode of GOT?

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Just as the title says; what are your thoughts on the latest episode of Game of Thrones

For me I so cannot wait until next Sunday. Finally, finally Samwell told Jon about his true parents and that was what I was looking forward to the most after finding out about it last season. 

Honestly I still can't believe they are ending the series so soon. Even George R.R. Martin wasn't very happy since the book series isn't actually going to end any time soon. I guess the directors/producers are going about it like most anime companies have been doing for years. Only touching the surface of the books in video format and forcing fans of the TV show to read the books. Which for me personally isn't really an issue since I love reading. Just kind of upset that they ending it though, lol.

For those who haven't seen the series or read the books please don't spam this thread with the "I haven't seen/read the series before" line. It's become repetitive and seems like those who do it only do so to try and knock on someone else's likes. I'm asking to please just move along to a thread that's relative to you. Thank you! 

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That... I wish I had a thought on the latest ep of GOT. Been out of the loop since 2013.

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