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Summer Sonnet Contest Submissions - 2019

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Greetings, fellow writers of Anime Forums! Let’s brighten up the place with a fun Summer Sonnet writing contest.


Eligible entrants must create a Summer inspired sonnet and post it here. To help you along the way, or to get some inspiration, check out this sonnet writing page here.

This thread will accept submissions from this day, June 5th until June 20th, when the winners will be announced.


🥇2,000 Points

🥈1,000 Points


 **We have volunteers that will be donating points to winners, and judging the contest. Judges can not submit their own work, in order to keep this as unbiased as possible.

- Enjoy! Myself, I guess I’ll be eating an ice cream a day while waiting on your submissions 🍦 

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Pretty blonde hair and fair eyes, she is mine
Like a summer day, she glows like sunshine
I'm lost in the blue of her eyes, so fine
And her sun-kissed skin is just so divine
Ocean in her eyes, still by the shoreline
Unmoving in her beauty, walk the line
Just as summer fades, seasons realign
But she just goes untouched by the deadline
Eternal summer, got me on cloud nine
It's the very fabric of her design
Watch as the sun sets over the skyline
Perfect summer day got a new design 
And her eyes are the true dividing line
Between eternal summer or snow line.


(Don't know if summer related metaphors count but I gave it a shot.)

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Heads up, if you wanted to participate in this contest, there’s one week left for submissions 

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It took a while, but I finally finished mine. Hopefully it's closely related to "summer" enough.


The many faces that one can treasure.
This summer, I saw you reveal them all.
A face of anger, a face of pleasure,
A face of loneliness you wore ‘till fall.

It was your sunshine that filled my pieces.
A sunshine that I can’t get enough of.
It was you that had flattened my creases.
Creases I have come to cherish and love.

With you, I find things I could never see.
Things I had once feared, but now wish for more.
Summer shares its gentle embrace with me,
Blankets of sun that I happily wore.

Last summer, I found the skies to be blue,
But it was this summer that I found you.


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