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    You're right to expand to other animes, nowadays it's hard to keep a website lively with only Digimon. You'll have to provide more. I noticed you are using IPB, I always liked this script and its skins are phenomenal. I'm transitioning OD to Wordpress and undergoing mostly theme changes. I'm more interested in the SEO side rather than content because Wikis beat most websites in everything content-wise. And since Digimon Fusion is gonna air soon I'm trying to get the most traffic I can out of this event. You're welcome to visit the forums, it's quite active right now and it'll probably get more once Fusion starts airing. Of course it does, we were affiliates. You had QRPG if I recall correctly, hosted under Ketsukaiten and I was hosted by JKaizer. Good times, lots of nostalgia.

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