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    Always going to be Asuka from Evangelion no matter how many anime I watch. She is just so relate-able to me. She's the reason I used to dye my hair red. Even when I go through stages of not liking anime anymore, there is no way I will ever stop liking her. She and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl are two fictional characters who have probably shaped me to be like I am today, I think in terms of personality and what I wear. Plus I like that Asuka is loud like me too. Makes me feel better about my loud voice especially since I get into trouble for talking so loudly all the time but its something I cannot really control.
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    Deep water mainly due to bad experiences when I was a child. I am a lot better at it now but at the pool I can't go anywhere that is deeper than my height or I freak but when I was a teen I never used to be able to go into spas, pools or the beach so at least its not as bad as what it once was. I also don't like moths very much, they freak me out and so do cockroaches. One time I was driving to my uni and this big cockroach appeared near my car dash! I had never been so scared in my life. I had to keep driving to uni, got there and had to call my grandparents who were an hour away to drive up and remove the cockroaches, lets say they weren't too impressed with me about that one!

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