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  1. Confession: I find it almost impossible to make any of my non-online friendships last...
  2. Taken 3. It was pretty good except it was very predictable.
  3. 24, Gilmore Girls, Chuck, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries.
  4. I had my first shift today for my Christmas Casual job at MYER. Wow I had forgotten how tiring it is to stand around all day... My feet hurt so much. It has been a while since I have had to stand up for long hours for a job after leaving Coles. So far working in the watch department seems to be a lot more laid back than Coles is. So far I have had no crazy customers. I also managed to sell some watches too. Whew.
  5. Christmas will be a busy time for me this year. I won't be working at my casual publishing job over all of December because the office closes down due to all the schools being closed over the Christmas period. This meant I wouldn't get any sort of pay since being casual means that I don't get any holiday pay. So I searched and searched for a Christmas casual position. Finally I found one! I am working in MYER over Christmas for another retailer who sells watches. It's ironic that I will be selling watches since I never wear watches so I don't know much about them but I am slowly learning lots about them. There are crazy sales targets of $400 per hour so hopefully I'm able to sell that much. This is my first time being in a real sales position so I am glad to finally get some sales experience Also for the first time ever I am able to attend my boyfriend's work Christmas party. Every year something has always come up making me unavailable but I can actually go this year! On Christmas Day I will have lunch with my boyfriend's family and then dinner with my own family. So that's what is happening for me currently
  6. Caroline


    Do you guys have McDonalds Monopoly?
  7. How come? Sigh, today in Australia it is Father's Day. I have never known my dad. Everyone else I know is spending it with their dads I have no dad so I spend the day alone since my boyfriend has gone to see his dad. I cannot even see my grandpa today cause he is busy. I think that spending Father's Day alone is what it would feel like to spend Christmas Day alone. Luckily for me the shops are not closed on Father's Day like they are on Christmas so maybe I can go to the shops and find something to buy. I also can watch the new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, that should cheer me up. Yay
  8. Bella is an outdoor dog so she has never had access to my chargers so that has never happened to me. I never realised that the cases were made of different material. Yes, the iPhone 4S has glass casing. I feel that iPhone cases do not always protect the iPhone. In 2011 I had another iPhone with another case on it. I dropped it and the case cracked right near where the sound controls were. Since then I could never hear the sound on my phone so when my contract expired I got another iPhone. I avoided using a case until Lindsay got me one but then I dropped my phone by accident and broke it haha. I haven't bothered about getting another case yet since I might be getting a new phone soon anyway.
  9. I currently use an iPhone 4S. I have had it since June 2012. The phone is still working well. It was on a one year contract and I could have gotten the 5s last year but I decided it wasn't different enough to warrant replacing my current iPhone so I decided I could wait it out for the iPhone 6. I'm hoping that the iPhone 6 is way different from the 4S. I felt that the iPhone changed a lot during the first models that were released years back but once the 4S came out not much really changed. All I seem to know about the iPhone 6 is that it will be bigger. I am not sure about how the size would suit me since I have small hands and am currently happy with the size of the 4S but I will get used to a bigger phone if I have to do that. I could go for a different type of smart phone but I really don't want to since I am use to the operating system and now it feels weird using any other type of phone. Also eventually I may have to get another phone since apparently after ios8 comes out then there will be no more updates for the iPhone 4S. I am very pleased how sturdy the iPhone 4S is. I have dropped it many times and have never broken it once! A lot of my friends have an iPhone 5 or 5s and it is amazing how many of the screens are broken now. Makes me wonder if the 5 was weaker compared to the 4S. I definitely don't want to buy a phone that breaks too easily. The only other thing that will annoy me if I move on from the iPhone 4S is the different charger. It means none of my old chargers will work and I can no longer have chargers for my car, current apartment and family home... like I can buy more chargers but it just seems like a silly extra expense. Plus I have heard that the chargers break so easily! So I am not looking forward to buying lots if new chargers all the time
  10. I am jealous that you rarely get sick! I was doing so well this year too. I don't think I had been sick for a while and then suddenly on Sunday I had this desperate need to go out and eat ice-cream since my throat was very very sore. I then realised I must be getting sick cause my nose started to run. I tried to wake up and go to work but couldn't since I had no energy! Usually in the past when I was sick I would be sick for a while like a week but this time I felt much better by Tuesday. I think it is because on Monday I slept all day besides from waking up at times to finish my assignment that was due that day. Also my boyfriend was being a very good doctor. Things that helped me was lemsip, strepsils, sleep, fruit tea and chocolate mousse Now my poor boyfriend is sick cause he got it from me hopefully he gets better soon, I think he will be fine with lots of sleep.
  11. Caroline


    wtf that is so cool! I don't know if we have things like love seats in Australian cinemas... I will have to find out.
  12. You could try going to school in another town? In the end I went to a school that was like a 20 min drive away instead of a school that was like across the road from me. It is disappointing that the school is too loud for you. 500 students isn't much though. Originally I went to a Catholic high school that had 3000 students in the one campus! I do think though the smaller the school, the better the environment will be since teachers can spend more time on each student. Like at the other high school I went to I couldn't believe there were like 32+ students in each class whereas in the other school I transferred to there would be like 20 students per class or if it was a class not popular with other students such as a language class or drama class then there would only be 6 students, it was very nice. It is shocking that you were locked in an office very scary stuff. I really do hope things work out for you so keep us posted. In other news, I am sick with the flu I think It came at the worse time too. I had a week off from uni since it was inter trimester break but now that its finished I am suddenly sick! It started yesterday. My throat was so sore that I had to go get ice-cream and after that I've been in bed. I had work today but I had to call in sick since I feel really sick and turns out my boss is also sick I hope I get better fast. Also I learned yesterday to be careful about where I buy my candles from. I bought a candle from a market in July. It ended up having the weirdest wick on it. It became very thick and fat. I had never seen anything like it. It was in a glass jar. I've had candles in glass jars before and never had an issue but this time near the end of the candle's life, the flame got HUGE then the glass exploded. Thank God it wasn't near any paper!! I am relieved it didn't cause a house fire. Whew, it goes to show always be near your candles!
  13. I just watched the new Sailor Moon Crystal episode this morning. Oh wow, it was so romantic and beautiful! Made me want to go to a masked ball again!!
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