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  1. I've never even considered being a white collar because of my painful relationship with math too. And being a blue collar kind of feels off the table as well because of my weak constitution. But even if I had a stronger body, I don't think I would enjoy working as a blue collar because of it being male dominated field. My appearance makes me seem very demure, so I really hate it when people, not just men, overlook my abilities because of it. So I have to ask, is the typical blue collar workplace really that sexist? As of right now I work in childcare, which is fun because of the kids, but my coworkers are absolutely unbearable at times. Its my first job and I'm learning a lot of new skills though, and I may be blaming the uncomfortably of those frustrations on my coworkers. But still, even the men/boys who take care of children stare at my butt, belittle me, and leave me to do the menial tasks of cleaning. Even the girls my age who work there ignore me and make fun of me for my countenance. Sometimes I think about quitting, but then I remember that its probably worse at other places.
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