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    These all look amazing. PLEASE PLEASE keep working at it. Everyone starts somewhere and has the ability to improve our find their own style. I can tell you've been putting a lot of focus on understanding dimensions in face proportions, hair and are working at finding your style when drawing eyes. Keep at it and you'll find it will pay off in the long run ^^
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    @SoullessMarshmallow I obviously don't know this guy personally, but myself and most guys that I've know/been friends with over the years aren't really that complicated. If you really enjoy being with this guy I'd backtrack (when you're ready) and just simply apologize about not saying the truth including how you felt/why you did it. Though with this telling him how you felt/feel play down how you may be feeling if the thought was 'I f***ing love you!' or 'I feel incomplete without you!' because this may intimidate him if he doesn't quite feel the same way. 'I had no idea what I was saying. But by the time I had said it I was too embarrassed to correct myself.' or something similar might help lead the conversation in the direction you need. Also, don't worry too much about what this guy might be thinking. I'm guessing you're in high school and honestly 95% of guys at that age are dipshits (excuse my French) And are just as stressed about talking with you as you are with talking with them. Don't stress about what he thinks about you, as long as you are being yourself, and things will most likely turn out for the better.
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    Can't agree enough. They seem to run more like jrpgs. I feel like, if I'm in the mood for that form of storytelling, I would pick up a game like Fire Emblem. If I want to simply read a story, that's what books are for. I can understand why someone may like them, however. They do offer a different form of entertainment, which relies heavily on dialogue and art. Almost entirely, in fact. And that's probably why I don't care much for them. I like reading and visualising the details for myself. A VN leaves very little to the imagination. As an opinionated aside... The dialogue is cringey as all heck.
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    oh jeez i didnt think anybody would actually read this stuff i want to believe that, but ive been seeing a lot of people being turned away from urgent care lately. i already have a thing called Care Credit which is supposed to help cover like, copays for smaller medical emergencies, but ive also needed to get oral surgery for a while now and my care credit isn't enough to help me cover the copay for that. i guess it depends on how good your credit is as to how much itll do for you. i had enough faith in my family also, that if they found me unresponsive or something, they'd take me to the hospital regardless and wed just have to deal with the financial consequences, instead of just leaving me here like a bunch of jerks. like, they're jerks, but i hope they're not that big of jerks. thats kind of how my sister is, she works as an aid at a nursing home and i guess shes considered an "essential worker" or whatever the hell people are calling it, not that anybody really chooses to be. its kind of just youre too weak and feel so crap you cant even do anything to pass the time, so the only thing i could do was just sort of lay here every day, or log on and gripe about it to get it out. nobody really comforted me tbh, it was mostly just people yelling at me "go to the hospital!" and me going "nO!" which was kind of funny, but i wish someone wouldve just respected why i didnt want to go, and wouldve just tried to help me feel a little better. LMAOO. gotta love skyrim. youll be pleased to hear you can, in fact, divorce people in stardew valley without having to kill them. the mayors got papers for it in his house or something, i think. i honestly didnt know you couldnt divorce people in skyrim?? that's so weird. you know like, the cultists guys that show up in whiterun that attack you? once they ended up killing lydia because shes a useless sack of bricks. her body wouldnt despawn, so i ended up throwing her into the whiterun river so she'd stop blocking the road. somewhere, maybe, shes still trapped under a bridge. RIP lydia it's really not that impressive! im just a beginner at python, i think. it basically just has some input commands and when you put in certain commands it can generate games or open random webpages and stuff, or reminds me to do things. theres also a note command where i can write a reminder and it'll save it to a file on my desktop for later, so i dont forget things. which i could have just done myself, but thats not as fun as making a program do it for you ive always wanted to grow pumpkins! oh my god, and there is nothing better than a homegrown tomato plant. those tomatoes they sell in stores are a crime against humanity. i dont believe anyone if they say they dont like tomatoes if theyve never had an heirloom tomato. you cant say you hate tomatoes unless youve had a real tomato. everyone who hates tomatoes fight me. idk what it is about the smell of them too, its so comforting. i keep going into my room full of starters and just sniffing the tomato seedlings, is that weird? also did you know turnips, radishes, and onions can all apparently outlast a winter? i went out there with the cultivator today and a bunch of healthy turnips, radishes, and onions were out there to greet me, completely unperturbed by the freezing weather all throughout winter. weird. i guess thats somethin to plant in fall
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    I'm so sorry you had to go through this alone you're a very strong person! I think a lot of people in your situation would have broke down and cried and or just sat there feeling sorry for themselves and unable to accomplish what you had. It makes me really sad to read this, I would have masked up, gloved up and come to help any of my friends in need like this. I too am shocked about the fever being something they deem so necessary. We are told here its a cough and shortness of breath that are deemed more important. I hope you get better real soon. Side note, I love how you have so many dogs! You should post a picture of them one day :3 rest up
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    Depending on where you are, there's still plenty you can do. Especially to make things seem a lot less restrictive. Iowa currently has one of the tightest restrictions in the U.S. - it isn't stopping people from going out for walks, jogs, hikes, etc. Actually, I've been seeing a lot more of that lately. That was probably the greatest indication to me that things weren't quite as abnormal as I had previously thought. Interesting times, but they don't have to be as scary as government, news, and other people make you think they are. Don't even get me started on the people claiming "unprecedented" status. On a global scale perhaps, but...Western Europe and North America have done this dance before. Godspeed.
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    I took a speech class in university mainly because I too HATE public speaking. Make sure to practice your speech, it will make you more comfortable. Before you do your speech, take a moment to help get rid of tension in your body (such as squeezing your hands into tight fist and releasing them). Try not to fidget or cross your arms during your speech too its hard to do, but that's what practice is for. When you write your speech try to make sure you bring up points at least three times to hear your speech's goal. A well written speech is memorable. Social media influences people globally, there are a lot of pros and cons to it. How long does your speech have to be? Because you might need to pick a more simple statement to discuss that narrows down your topic. (Be more specific about what you want to discuss - then bring up 3 points almost are arguments or information, then conclude by re-stating those points briefly)
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    So so so good. Everyone's art here is amazing sauce. I can't even doodle stick ppl.
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    Well drawn and detailed, keep up the good work
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    We technically are philosophers - our Ph.D's are Doctorates of Philosophy.
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    I think I changed the categories now to where you just type it and it suggests genres. Over time listing all the categories on screen just took up too much space. I actually get your suggestion. It's like putting weights in which you want it to be considered more. I'll give it a shot. Hope I can do it though. haha @Seshi thanks a bunch for using the site. I really appreciate it. It's been awhile since I used the suggestion feature. I will use it a couple of times and see how to improve it.
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    There are certain animes that I can't watch - and it has something to do with how I perceive the sincerity of the series, I suppose. But I never attributed it to a character being "fake" I guess I'll look at this a little harder next time I'm watching a new series. I wonder if it's the same for me, but perhaps it puts me off more unconsciously.. I usually just attribute it to something like "this anime doesn't feel right" or, its not genuine... Does this come from the characters themselves? I guess it just might. I couldn't stand Sword Art Online, because it felt generic, and I didn't really buy into the hype, but really tried to watch it and evaluate it based on its own merits.
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    great idea! I gave it a few tries and thought it worked quite well. I think it could be even greater by tweaking it a bit though. One of the first things I noticed is that it is just a bunch of categories you can click on. I can't think of a better way, but there has to be one so you have a better overview. Maybe at least make something like 'sub categories' in the sense that all with the letter 'A' are in one group and then with 'B' and so on. Another thing that could be interesting is something like being able to apply what your major category is. Let's say you want something that has to do with witches and you want it to be action, adventure, magic. You do get a lot of witches anime (magi) as a result but there are also others that are not primarily witches. So it might be great if it would be possible to say that one of the things you pick is your main category (which will then get a bigger value in the automated selection progress, I don't know how that actually works).
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    Is it "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" like or This is an important distinction and will affect my vote
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    I think this is a neat idea. A lot of people are gateway'd into anime through shows like My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, so finding anime similar to what they enjoyed can slowly lead them into more anime. I'd imagine someone picking up Black Clover after My Hero Academia or Fairy Tail wouldn't be disappointed at all. (aside from Asta's screaming, of course) One thing that might need to be considered is that some themes are just not connectable. For instance, mecha is a very broad genre, and recommending Neon Genesis Evangelion or Code Geass after watching Darling in the Franxx just doesn't make sense to me. Also, anime like Clannad and School Days have a scary amount of similar tags. This could be remedied with a user vote option that shows how accurate a recommendation would be. (Something like "56% of users agree with this suggestion.") Another approach could be indicating why a show is being suggested. For instance, I would not say Katanagatari and the Monogatari Series are similar in aesthetics, themes, or even pacing. However, I could still recommend Katanagatari after someone has enjoyed the Monogatari Series because the source material for both of them are written by Nisio Isin. So, next to the suggestion would be something such as, "Written by the same author." Overall, I still think anime suggestions are a good idea, but automated systems without transparency can be an issue.
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    This pretty much sums it all up. Good job @Wedgy But yeah it seems Reddit was just built differently. With it's upvote downvote system that reminds me of Stack Overflow and would seem to be more suited to Question and Answer websites. And forums seem so ancient now. But they're still the best place to make friends online. Even on social media like Facebook. It's hard to meet new people because you wouldn't add a stranger. You would just add people you already know in real life. It is interesting though how everyone here on Anime Forums is a nice person. At least from what I've seen so far. I remember joining MAL and right away I experienced some racism. Although to be fair the mods there took action when I reported it. The main difference I noticed comparing Anime Forums to MAL is that here, people actually engage in conversation. They talk and then listen. On MAL, everyone just talked. No one listened. On a typical thread, people would just post their replies. No one read the replies of others so no conversation ever takes place.
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    I also like this community and feel that many other forums are missing exactly that, a community. Great job breaking down these points, I really like that you take the time to share your perception with others in such detail. I do hope to see you around the weekly anime discussion threads we have quite a good time there.
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    Well said. I’m definitely going to have to give OPM another look. I appreciate the time you took to write all this up. I like character interaction and depth I love that you recognized the comparison to Japanese working conditions in the anime. That’s intriguing all on its own but it seems there are even more reasons to love OPM. Thanks again for the write up. Im going to have to think a bit more about my fav characters in MHA and give you some feedback there though. I feel like there’s got to be something I see in these characters relationships that is worthy of being considered.
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    sends chills down my spine everytime
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    A word of advice: Only converse in single word sentences. This is a major conversation shut down and it works wonders if you can maintain it with specifically her. If you can keep it to one syllable (or two if you have to), even better! Most people lose interest in conversing with you when you fail to provide meaningful acknowledgement that you are listening or responding, usually fairly quickly. It might take a few weeks but eventually she'll go off to plague someone else with her problems on a permanent basis. You might get a reputation for being unfriendly however. If that happens, just tell your boss that you think she should leave her personal problems at home and that her constant complaining really adds negativity to your work environment. If it ain't related to work after all, she's gossipping on his dime! I'v done this to countless people. Works every time. Even on the persistent ones, they rarely last a full month. Examples: Hi Gigi! How are you today? Answer? Fine (avoid okay, it opens more questions, good is a less snappy substitute for fine) Omg. My husband totally was eying some tramp at church yesterday! Answer? Kay (noncommttal in tone) I need a housesitter this weekend. I'm too cheap to kennel the dogs for a weekend. Answer? Busy (sound incredibly uninterested). What's so important you can't mother my mutts!? Answer? Housework (or Guests, or class or anything short and sweet. I know someone who would always say she had out of town guests lol) As the conversations build you'll find wonderful new ways to shut that person down and completely drain the conversation of the energy it needs to sustain itself into full-fledged gossip by simply being short. Also, you must stop with the favors. A favor indicates interest and investment in her life. If you want peace at work, you need to sell all the stock you've invested in her already and move that somewhere else!
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    Hey there! Nice to meet you! You can call me Rye if you like Welcome to the forums btw! It's nice having you introduce yourself in a blog entry. Is this your first one? Waaaaah, I should have thought about this. lels. Anyways, I'm a lil bit older than you so maybe you can call me Nee-san or something. I'm not much of a loner but I'm not a socialist either so maybe I can reach out to you. I love Fairytail and tbh it was the main reason why I started reading mangas cause I just can't wait to see what would happen next I like black too tbh. I'm the oldest child in the family and I have an ototo which is 16 years old as well and a kawaii imouto which is still 8 years old. I love pudding Anyways, nice meeting you again!
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    @Mars Terra, @Roxeg, you all are so sweet! Thank you for the support, it means a lot. Thankfully I'm not beating myself up over it, that time was just even more emotionally draining than usual, and it triggered some PTSD from my childhood. Lately, while she has had some pretty serious attacks we've been able to calm them down with her emergency meds, so no recent ER trips! Also, regarding my own health, we're trying to get me into a local pulmonologist to help with all my breathing treatments, so I'm praying that will help! I have an asthma specialist, but he's four hours away, so having someone local who could help with this would be great. I'm hoping I can catch up on the forum after I can get some sleep today, I've been up all night. I miss being able to chat with everyone. Anyways, I'm off for now, I hope you're all having a good morning! See y'all later. P.S My sister, INTJ, finished catching up to the current Boruto episodes! Which means she's going to start season 2 of My Hero Academia with me now! I'm so excited to show it to her.
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    Lol, @SleepyLeoulf, I don't think that's too cheesy! My sisters and I call it the same thing. I'm a rather sentimental person so I like to express my love for those around me frequently. Sucks to hear about your nightmares! My sister has them frequently and it's really hard on her, she's not been able to sleep with the light off for about a year and a half. She keeps her room lit with Christmas lights at night and also puts a movie on, which helps her. But it's still not easy. Especially because her medical conditions are so scary, so sometimes she'll have a nightmare about going into anaphylaxis and she wakes up not knowing if she actually is or not, since she does frequently have strong allergic reactions. @Rudilla, @Mars Terra , I'm so sorry to hear of y'all's sleeping troubles, too! They really are a pain. It's almost 5am here, but here I am awake. At least I got a good two-hour nap in before my lungs got too bad. Asthma is known to get worse at night. Also, I just finished the first episode of How To Raise a Mummy and it was just so kawaii! I used to have insomnia, but after following some advice from a sleep specialist that's usually under control, thankfully. @Baku, I'm surprised you haven't heard of it, it gained popularity quickly and has won a ton of awards! It even aired in some theaters in the US and you can find it at Walmart. It makes me happy seeing it do so well, it truly is a masterpiece. Please let me know what you think when you see it!
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    @Mars Terra @Rudilla Maybe you both have some sleeping problems like Insomnia. I have it myself and before I always thought it was just normal to wake up at those times sometimes or couldn't fall back asleep. Maybe check it out with a doctor if it gets worse, just a thought is all. You don't have to listen to me or take my advice, just trying to help is all. I take medication for my sleeping issues plus for other reasons since I suffer from chronic nightmares but a lot of the time the medication does not always work for myself and I find myself waking up around 4 or 5 AM. Sometimes even being up at midnight staying up till 4 or 5 AM then getting only an hour of sleep again. For me it's different like everyone is different but doesn't hurt to check with your guys doctors if maybe they can help you both out. Also there is no shame in taking medication even though it sucks taking a pill a lot but if it helps you then it's worth it.
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    I'm sorry to hear you've been sick and you've been having trouble sleeping as a result. I personally have trouble sleeping, often waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to return to sleep or do much of anything since I'm so tired. It's not fun, to say the least, so I can somewhat understand your pain there. But anyways, please enjoy your return. ^^
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    Kind of funny how this kind of relates to what I notice among my peers and elders. where I live, people keep saying that reading the content you mention is bad because it desensitizes people and/or would make you want to seek out more because you enjoy it, but I agree people need to be exposed to this stuff because mature content can be presented in a mature fashion, and books are the one of the few ways that we can understand what others are dealing with, in addition to teaching us valuable lessons.
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    I agree with you completely. I am so sick of everything being sugarcoated and everything being such bullshit all the time. So many people have such a lack of reality of the real shit that goes on in the world. They want everything to seem like a perfect wonderland but that is not the case at all. Rape, murder, pedophiles, war - all this shit exists in the world and sugarcoating wont change anything. I think that books or tv shows or movies should not be shunned down on because of violence or rape and things like that. Its just ignorant to say. Needless to say I dont think rape or murder or things like that are good its horrible but it exists and excluding it from books and movies would be excluding a part of human life. Depression is very different I think. A lot of people don't understand what its like and I think thats why its hard for them to read books or watch films with serious depression. Anyway thats my two cents
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    You've clearly picked an extremely daunting character trait, and I deeply appreciate the amount of research you put into making sure their reactions and mentality are up to par. I fully agree with all the points you're making. It's really upsetting that people choose to cover up such illnesses and crimes just for the sole purpose that it's not "happy", unfortunately, it's hard to change the minds of those who choose to believe that what they're doing is right.
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    I am currently working on a writer project that revolves around four characters, two of which suffer from major mental illnesses and one of which struggles with anxiety due to his past. These three are fairly easy for me to portray and write out since I myself suffer with some of, if not most, of the same problems these characters have. However, the fourth character is much harder for me to write out since I don't want to make any mistakes with how he is shown to the viewers ... The fourth character is a young child who was assaulted at a very young age, along with losing his family during that time. I have been researching the normal behaviour of such assault victims but I haven't been able to talk with any personally and all my research has been based online. So yes, I strongly agree with your statements above. Especially since I myself, even from a young age, did not enjoy "Happily ever after" stories as much as the next kid. I've always been innately cynical and had a dark out look on life, always opting to see the bad in things because I always expect the worst to happen and I quite enjoy a good book that can shed light on horrible things. I'm actually reading Flowers In The Attic by V.C. Andrews right now and that series is rife with terrible things and disturbing content. However, I absolutely adore the series and love how the writer portrays everything so perfectly. My view on graphic/vulgar content in books is that it's needed. At least sometimes. I mean, life is not all sunshine and rainbows, it's rarely ever even a glimpse of sunshine and rainbows, so having books and movies constantly portray it as such would be utterly useless in my opinion. Now, portraying such things in the right way is the only way such things should be put into books and movies. If you're going to write about things of that caliber then you need to research and study up on it, not just wing it and hope you did a good enough job. That's one of the reasons it's taken me so long to actually get started on my writing project, I'm still hesitant to begin due to not knowing if I have all the facts or not, since I would really love to talk to a real life survivor of such assault because it's not enough to think you understand the victims if you don't have all the facts.
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    Ah, I see. Well, I still do appreciate your perspective on the matter ^^
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    As a guy I feel have to speak up, at least on the boob issue/stereotype, because it kind of annoys me too and I know it is a mental issue for some women. Realize now that I'm speaking only for myself and maybe a circle of 10 or so guys whose preferences I know well enough, but of that sample not one (0) of us really puts much emphasis on "big" boobs. I'm not sure where this "guys think bigger is better" stereotype comes from, but it isn't very accurate in my experience.. certainly not for all guys, and certainly not when taken to extremes. Yeah, having some is better than none, but pretty quickly I/we get to the point where more boob does not mean more attraction. If you have some, even if they're maybe a bit on the small side, check "boobs" off the list of things to worry about, and DO NOT let any better-endowed acquaintances convince you otherwise. It is far more productive to focus your energies on your other qualities that might need work. (Don't let that bother you too much either.. everyone has a few.) That is all. Feel free to share this with anyone if you think it might help.
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    Feeling a little down. Had to put down two of my animals this week luckily i have anime and friends.
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    @Nectar thank you! I would love to hear about your insights too though @SleepyLeoulf arigatou sleepy wolfy san! Your entries are much more brilliant though
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    I hate those nights! For me, they are usually caused by anxiety or health complications. I remember one time I had a sleepless night due to pain (I had a torn tendon) and anxiety about the doctor appointment I had the upcoming morning. I did not sleep at all. What made it worse was that the doctor appointment I was having anxiety about? It was just as bad as I had been worried about. I was miserable so afterwards I just got a doughnut from my favorite local place. Though the pain didn't stop there. I was told to take Aleeve. Which I did, and it ended up causing me to have gallbladder attacks for a week, such terrible pain. Sometimes when I'm so sick I'm delirious and feverish in bed unable to move but also unable to sleep, and those times I usually just have a movie on repeat to help get me through it. However, the method I have found most helpful is if you can't sleep is to get up for a bit, do something distracting, and then go back to bed. Studies show if you can't sleep but you keep laying in bed that it will actually just keep you awake longer. So sleep specialist recommend if you can't fall asleep within 20-40 minutes to get up and do something else for a bit.
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    I'm happy to hear you've not been feeling as down lately! I have depression, so I can empathize on how hard it is to deal with those emotions or lack of any emotions. It can be hard to get motivated some days, but you can do it! Please keep us updated!
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    Hmm.. I think its pretty good and cute to me to be honest in my opinion. I tried making them myself before, but was never good at them so I don't now more. Also true practice makes perfect, heh. But not sure If I can afford software for that to make them, but over all I like what you have here.
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    Nice post, Rye. I am not really depressed, though I do have times when I feel down, but I too am tired of this mentality that positive outlooks will fix anything, so I do not go for that. There is a blogger I found over on Tumblr who has suffered from depression and talks about it and one of the posts he made said that the phrase “you will not always feel the way you do now” has helped some people with their depression.
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    I hereby dub thee Terra, of the Round Table Roll. I would truly mention to have followed you into the blackest pits of uncertainty but my luck has been a bit unusual. You probably don't need that looming. All I could think about was Monty Python. "Tis but a flesh wound!" Maybe Young Frankenstein? "It could be worse-" I needed this laugh! Many thanks.
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    My friend like to watch those ,..... they also like to watch and listen to K- pop
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    Awe, I miss HS bwahah, so much freedom and excitement to really define yourself. Although, I also know so many people who didn't like HS, just viewed it as another step to get out into the "real" world. I think is awesome to stop and self reflect. I hope you realize your goal of being happy :] but, don't get to caught up on the small stuff - work on things that make you happy. Explore the things you're curious about. Not sure what you want to do in the future for education, job shadow, talk to people, find mentors. I like how you wrote "don't compare yourself to others". I think that is really important to realize.
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    Nice read! I gotta say, I love the anime more than the manga on several occasions. The anime did Natalia Garnet justice because in the manga, she's a bit of a third wheel that's been inserted into the storyline simply as a plot device. Then I couldn't stand how they used her to be an unnecessary part of a forced love-triangle just for the drama. She's considerably more developed in the anime. Levius (character) also inspired me to get up super early and give myself a head start on the daily workout.
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    I'm not disagreeing with you but I don't know if Harry Potter is the best comparison unless you're strictly basing it on structure. You would have to look at the dynamics to see where they differ. Deku for example is driven and knows what he wants to be, and is always working toward that goal. He wasn't born special like his classmates, but offered the opportunity he embraces it fully and both appreciates what it is to have such power and understands how much work actually goes into mastering it. Compare that to Harry- a kid who was basically neglected and used from the start, had no vision of who he actually wanted to be and just went along with wherever the wind was blowing. You could make an argument here that, given the circumstances of his fate being thrusted upon him, it wouldn't have mattered much if he did have a clear goal in mind (beyond besting Voldemort, obviously.) That all said, what we are looking at here is a story about 'following dreams, proactively working toward a goal and bettering yourself along the way, ' versus a story more in the direction of 'surviving with the hand you are dealt and making pragmatic choices.' At least in my perspective, that's pretty different. Despite the above I think I understand where you were going with it. People love stories in that format and they sell, and that's why it has potential to be long running and widely popularised among a ranged audience.
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    I think Anime News Network uses a ranking system too. I think the metacritic (meta-analysis) part is probably what is unique about your set-up. Still, it's cool you have your own site and that it is growing I'd really be interested in a guage by genre list (space opera, reverse harem, mecha, scifi, etc) but that could be pretty complex seeing as so many snime cover multiple genres or have subgenres throughout.
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    @Beocat I feel better and I agree with you there to be honest! Haven't had any storms here and just a sprinkle of rain. Supposed to get thunderstorms today sometime and I'm hoping so. There hasn't been a decent thunderstorm where I'm from at all this summer which is making this season laaame. Plus we are below average on our rain too. If this storm misses us I won't be surprised if we get listed as drought.
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    Dunno what to say anymore. It's really unfair you have to go through this when you've done nothing to deserve any of it. I'd find whatever makes you happy and enjoy it to it's fullest right now. At least you have a great family to support you. Pets are cool too....I guess I never had any. If I had to deal with all that in my current situation I'd have given up on everything long ago.
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    @SleepyLeoulf I completely agree with you as well. Although I myself have never seen 13 Reasons Why, I included it because it was one of the shows my friend bashed for "being too violent". Like you said, if we all came together and watched and learned from these shows the world would be much better, but I feel like people (including my friend) don't want to address it because it's not all rainbows and sunshine. I feel like they treat it as taboo, and that's what's making it worse. It's so wonderful to know that you survived all the terrible things that life threw at you. I'm glad you're able to still stand and offer advice to those who're going through similar situations. Your braver and determination compels me, and perhaps many others, to keep pushing forward! Thank you ^^
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    Thank you for sharing the opinion I've grown up a bit since the day she told me that, and I don't mind as much anymore how small my cup size is. I've started to work a lot more on my good qualities since then, but I'm glad to know that my suspicions about not all guys wanting extremely busty women is true ^^
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    Only 36?? I remember watching the original Uchuu Senkan Yamato on Saturday morning cartoons in the 70s. Speed Racer on MTV reruns too. I've been reading (mostly SF) books and watching anime since before the Internet.. even before microwave ovens! If I ever stop, I must be dead.
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    Awwwwm thank youuuu Sleepy Wolfy-san!

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