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  1. Chapter 1: The 20th Anniversary It was June 26th, 2017. A boy was browsing the internet in his room. That boy was Araumi Haru, a Japanese 17 years-old. He was a big Harry Potter and Digimon fan. There were a lot of both merchandise in his room, from Gryffindor poster to Xros Heart/Blue Flare banner. He seemed very focused in his aloof activity and enjoyed it so much. He read some posts in both fandom sites that the day was the 20th anniversary of both Digimon and Harry Potter. He was so excited, he told his social network friends of him who were also part of both fandom. Unsurprisingly, they knew about the anniversary as well. "Ow man, I wish at least either the Wizarding World or the Digital World was real!" said the username Ginny. "Huh? Weird. My mobile phone screen has asked me whether I believe the Wizarding World was real," the username Ron responded. "That's nonsense," said the username Hermione. "But my smartphone also asked whether I believe the Digital World was real," said username Luna defending username Ron. "What about yours, Harry?" asked username Neville, referring to Haru who used Harry Potter as his username in the internet. "I... don't have any mobile phone," said Harry while reaching inside his right pocket. There were only a deck of Chocolate Frog cards there. "By the way how did you answer the question, Ron, Luna?" he asked for more information. However, the internet got disconnected for a few seconds and when Haru refreshed the page, all of them had gone offline. "Weird," muttering Haru to himself. Two out of six from his gang got that weirdly question. Maybe they both were The Chosen Ones, after all, he thought. His imagination went stray, forming a mental image about Ron working at DATS. "I wish I could be chosen too", said Haru. Suddenly his monitor shone bright. Haru tried to see what's displayed on the monitor but the light blinded him. When he was finally able to see his surrounding, he found himself in an unfamiliar place. It was a beautiful garden with a clear river flowing near there. "Where am I?" Haru panicked. However, the panic soon became a shock when he saw his reflection on the river. He looked like Harry Potter now. "Why do I look like Harry Potter, my account name? Wait, is this the Digital World? If so, then..." Harry tried to search something in his left pocket. There was something there which felt like a cellphone. Having the name Haru, he believed he would get an AppliDrive since the newest Digimon anime protagonist who shared his name also had one. Harry pulled out the device from his pocket. He was quite disappointed that it looked a bit like a cross. "A D-Arc, eh? Not an AppliDrive," he said. "But then where is my Digimon, and what will it be?" Harry looked around only to find that there was no sign of life. Harry then tried to call any Digimon name he thought might have something to do with Harry Potter, "Owlmon?! Moosemon?! Wizarmon?!". There was no answer. Harry then remembered that the D-Arc had a feature which could be used to see what the Digimon saw. He looked at his Digivice screen. It showed some blurry refracted image from which Harry concluded that his Digimon partner is in the water. He could see a pair of two big red hands struggling to escape. He recognized the symbol on those hands which looked like a modified hexagram. "Guilmon?" he thought, "But who is the enemy?". "Guilmon! Hang in there!" shouted Harry. Harry looked around to see if there was something he could throw. He saw a big stone and picked it, throwing it to the water hoping that it would make the enemy lost its grip. It went as expected. Harry saw Guilmon swam towards the bank, and behind him a huge squid emerged. "Gesomon?" muttered Harry. Harry then remembered that the D-Arc had a feature where the owner could slash a card in its slot and lent their Digimon the card's ability. However, he only had a deck of Chocolate Frog cards in his pocket. He tried to reach them, and when he pulled them out, they have became Digimon cards. Gesomon drew closer. Instinctively, Harry chose a card which had electric attack, "Card Slash! Tentomon!". Guilmon grew a ladybug shell, then he opened it up and shot electrical current from it, "Petit Thunder!". It hit Gesomon, but Gesomon quickly stroke Guilmon with its tentacle. Guilpm took the hit and fell backwards. "Guilmon! Are you okay?" asked Harry. "Yes, Harry", answered Guilmon. "We can't beat him in the water! We must pull him out! Let's go, Guilmon!" instructed Harry. "Card Slash! Palmon!" Guilmon's claws turned into vines. "Poison Ivy!" with one swing, Guilpm tangled Gesomon with his vines and pulled Gesomon out of the water. But Gesomon was quite persistent, he kicked Guilmon with his small tentacles as soon as he got close to Guilmon. Guilmon released his grip due to the sudden attack. "Now, Guilmon! Fireball!" Guilmon shot a fireball right into Gesomon's face. "One grilled squid served for ya!" shouted Harry cheerfully. Gesomon disintegrated into data and Guilmon absorbed it. "So, are we in the Digital World now?" asked Harry. "Yes", answered Guilmon. "And how did you get in the river?" Harry asked again. Guilmon calmly said, "I was just swimming happily until suddenly Gesomon attacked me from behind". Seeing that Guilmon didn't tell any sign that he was a Chosen Digimon, Harry asked, "Did you know that you were a Chosen Digimon?". Guilmon shook his head, "No. But since your Card Slash affected me, then you must be my Tamer". "Tamer, eh?" Harry looked at his Digivice, "I hope I deserve that title. Let's fight together, Guilmon!". "Yeah!", replied Guilmon. Harry was really hyped at the time that he forgot about everything, about going home, or about the danger that awaited them.
  2. In this thread I'm gonna post my Digimon fan evolution line. Those from WtW should be familiar with the "Random Commentary of Evolutionary Relationships" line, so I want to put my fan lines here. However, the ones which will be put here are only the ones uploaded in my Facebook Digimon meme page. So, let's start with the first line I put there: Botamon Ninja Line
  3. ^ Weren't many Chosen Children missing? It's something that even got addressed in the first Chapter. Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori aren't the only ones missing.
  4. I didn't really like this season mainly because the main character is such a Gary Stu that he doesn't even have any darkness within him.
  5. Thank you Wada Koji for making and singing those awesome Digimon songs... You are still in our hearts... Digimon is An Endless Tale...
  6. Well, now that we have BanchouStingmon...
  7. I like the Indonesian dub version better, because Angewomon moaned every time she got hit, and it turned me on. The original Angewomon's voice sounded kinda boyish, so I didn't really like it.
  8. I was annoyed a bit when they released BanchouLilimon just months before Tri, yet in Tri Lilimon still evolves to Rosemon.
  9. How do you find Digimon Frontier compared to the other Digimon Series? My most favorite season. The Yin-Yang Twins arc is the best arc of all Digimon seasons for me. Your favourite Digidestined and why? Junpei, because he is the most relatable. Your favourite Hybrid and why? Duskmon, because he can fight on par with BeoWulfmon despite the latter is two levels higher than him. How did you find the ending? The best ending fight! We can really see our heroes' struggle! Usually when there is a new evolution in the ending fight, it will be a Deus ex Machina and the enemy won't get a chance to land a single hit who can hurt our heroes (yes, I am looking at you, Agumon Burst Mode and especially Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode!), but here, Susanoomon still has a lot of difficulties.
  10. ^ But Hououmon is already on the next movie poster, and the enemy is supposedly Mugendramon (again)...
  11. That Oikawa was surpsising. Sadly he never got a chance to hug his partner in the story itself. Hope he got revived somehow in Tri.
  12. Okay, let me post mine... Series: Frontier Characters: 1. Adventure - Wizarmon 2. Zero Two - BlackWarGreymon 3. Tamers - Belzebmon 4. Frontier - Duskmon 5. Savers - Mercurymon 6. Xros Wars - Belzebmon (again) 7. Hunter - The Old Clock Shop Man 8. Tri - Forgot about his name, Taichi's male teacher 9. Applimonsters - Cameramon Songs: 1. Bokura no Digital World (Zero Two's last episode) 2. An Endless Tale (Frontier ending 2) 3, Legend Xros Wars (Hunter's last episode) Pairings: 1. Adventure - Joe >< Mimi 2. Zero Two - Takeru >< Hikari 3. Tamers - Takato >< Juri 4. Frontier - Junpei >< Izumi 5. Savers - Ikuto >< Chika 6. Xros Wars - Zenjirou >< Akari 7. Hunter - Belzebmon >< Mervamon 8. Tri - Takeru >< Meiko (since we knew from Zero Two's epilogue that he won't hook up with Hikari) 9. Applimonsters - Watson >< Ai
  13. Poor Gomamon, why is he the only one who doesn't become a Banchou? Is Joe having an exam? If I were you and need 5 characters to evolve their way to Banchou, I would use the initial team of Zero Two: V-mon --> XV-mon --> DinoBeemon --> BanchouStingmon Hawkmon --> Shurimon -> Lilamon --> BanchouLilimon Armadimon --> Ankylomon --> Shakkoumon --> BanchouGolemon Patamon --> Igamon --> Mamemon --> BanchouMamemon Tailmon --> Lynxmon --> GrapLeomon --> BanchouLeomon
  14. Somehow I enjoy Applimonsters more than Tri despite I am an old fan who started as early as Adventure, because Applimonsters reminds of the good old days more, when Adult-level Digimon was still a threat...
  15. For Zero Two, I would rather have they got something along the lines of "Double Armor Evolution". If Takuya and Koji can combine their Spirits, why not Daisuke? Sagittarimon looks like the Jogress of Fladramon and Lighdramon, after all.

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