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    My favorite games are Dirt Rally, Garry's Mod, War Thunder, Terraria, FlatOut, MudRunner,Company of Heroes, Factoria, Barotrauma, Warframe, ETS2, OSU.
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    I don't know
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  1. Hello everyone! I decided to try taking night photos. I was freezing that night, so I want to try taking some summer night photos
  2. Hi *^* I bought a new monitor and I can process photo.
  3. Hi~ I'm back. I'm happy that I'm alive and because It's spring outside. I don't know who is called "friends". This is a difficult problem for me. Who can answer? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *I'm going to play with the light* *^* The light is fun. *^* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. My special talent is....... I don't know. Maybe it's my worldview. I like to walk (not simple walk, I broke my phone when i was under a tank), to create different things ( I created a guitar out of plywood, ( I have to say that my friend and I bought plywood 10 kilometers from home)), I'm thinking about serious topics and I have bad ideas. Being crazy for this society is my special talent.
  5. Hi~ *^* I will share photos of my collection until it's over. And I will do it often. It's over soon. I don't like waiting to share. And my relationship between me and time is bad. I just like to share photos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. Thank you all for the recommendations *^* Hi~ Thank you for your recommendations. I read Dorohedoro, Elfen Lied, Ajin: DEmi-Human, Chainsaw Man, Saguri-chan Exploration Party, Tomo-chan is a girl!. I'm reading Black Lagoon, Q Shihira Tatsuya, Immortal Special Attack Soldier, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun, Miss Komi is Bad at Communication, Here's Come The Demon! Iruma Kun, Girl That Can See It, Talantless Nana, Pumpkin Night, Sakamoto Days, Whispering You a Love Song, Ranger Reject, Comprehensive Tovarisch,Destroy All Humankind. They Can't Be Regeneratedd, Liar Satsuki Can see Death. And a lot of romance *^*
  7. Hi~ My last anime viewing was two years ago. Now I read manga, but I want to watch something. I'm thinking of watching an old anime ( Evangelion, Berserk). But I want to see your recommendations. *^*
  8. War Thunder I was driving an ASU-57 and trying to be alive. I love this tank because the ASU-57 is cute, small, strong thing. *^*
  9. ~It was winter in my window~ *^* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Hi~ I don't know how I started taking a photo. I like to walking. I love my city and people. they make an interesting picture. Yesterday a man asked for some money and he told me that he would be put in jail for the 6th time. I love to go outside. But I discovered that I'm an introvert. *^* I also take a photo on VHS *~*
  11. Welcome to the site Yako, I hope to see more of your photography! Maybe it will inspire me to take more photos. If you don't mind me asking, what got you into photography? :) 

  12. Hi~ How are you? What you can say about this photo? I think it's too dark. *^* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. Hi ~ I'm looking for friends and girlfriend. I can't talk in real life, because it's hard for me. I don't understand people and them relationship. I often see bad sides people and I don't like it. I'm lonely and sad. I want to find a good friend here. You can see more information about me in my profile. Thanks for reading . ~Have a nice day~
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