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  1. When_the_parties_over___original_song_by_billie_eilish__.webm audio.webm the song credits goes to Billie Eilish and her 2 songs called "listen before i go"..and "when the party's over".idk i was bored so i decided to put out my canon voice cause why not...i hope i dont sound ugly TxT..and there's some background noise so u may ignore that..TvT...and imma post some art soon again whenever i get the chance, i promise >n< When_the_parties_over___original_song_by_billie_eilish__.webm
  2. aww thank u , i've been making art since i was in 3rd or 4th grade but art like this since 6th or 7th grade UvU
  3. note: OK SOOOOOOOOOOOO i wish we could make a poll for my fun but maybe kinda weird question for yall BUT ill just look in the comments for the most votes..i hope i dont sound weird asking this out of nowhere ToT

    hey guys its meeeee again, so...i just have a fun but random/important question and it evolves with ships so i'll put the question down below for yall and just pick i guess down in the comments, im making art but its with my kill la kill OC persona, and also i have to stick with one husbando or waifu in the husbando/waifu slot here lol.....AnYgAyS (anyways) let's get this question over with >//_//<........ the question: which character would u ship with more? the left photo is one option and the right photo is the other..


    oh and whichever character wins i'll maybe make a couple drawing cause why not :]



  4. welcome! i hope u have a good time here on the forum and stick around ^w^, and just be yourself when u start out and strive to be ur best self too UvU
  5. oh!! wellll ummm, im on a school chromebook and how i do that is i use both of my index fingers, one finger presses down on the mouse pad of the computer and my right index finger well does the rest of the work..soooo ye thats it its not as fancy sadly as it sounds or looks TvT
  6. these are my dream cosplays i would want to do one day
  7. heyyyy welcome!!! hope u make plenty of new people and have a good experience in this community
  8. welcome to my art showcase people of anime formus, i hope u enjoy the random digital and physical art i've made, if u have any questions about my art u may comment down below or message me and i will gladly answer ^w^, but for now enjoy
  9. help me Xb..and yes im still awake sadly XoX...this song speaks to me right now and i dont even know why: 


  10. last post of the night before i get up tomorrow morning again but this is another art piece i actually did in my freshman high school year..and now i'm a junior TxT..BUT this is my favorite art piece i've done in my freshman year


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      well im excited for u to showcase your art when ur done with it!!😆

    3. Sakura


      Hopefully soon. I'm slow with things especially this week since it's my first week back at school x.x Your art showcase looks great though btw



      aaaawwww thank u 😁, i tried my best with the showcasing, soon imma add another art piece after its done getting drawn out and colored, and i understand the school part too, i should be in school BUT right now i'm doing online schooling temporarily soooooooo i have a lot of free time on my hands right now X>

  11. im posting some digital art because im bored TvT..here, i made coraline but in my own anime style of anime



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    2. Sakura


      Very nice!



      aw thank u 😄

    4. Sakura


      YW! Hope to see more of your art on the forum 😊

  12. i prefer to draw physically or digitally but since i don't have my own tablet for drawing i more used to drawing physically on paper more ^w^ example of one of my good drawings on paper to show:
  13. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy its me >:]....soooooooooooooooo since the majority of my poll only had about 3 people vote and i'm sooo impatient right now for some reason for waiting for a long time on the poll, i'm going with what the 3 people voted on which is the official persona of mine from kill al kill. this is now my official OC/roleplay persona now...oh and note:...im scared that i might get in trouble for my drawings so pray that i dont get in trouble for my drawings, it would be helpful >n<



    here are the drawings y'all all been waiting for UvU...*slams post with drawings down on anime forums table*...soooooo how does it look guys....does it look good 


    unnamed (1).jpg


  14. ok ill draw it out and see if i cna add it into my waifu/husbando pic...and i might add another waifu and too in the collage, if there's one thing u must know about me dude, im poly AND pansexual soooooooooo...me gay gal eheheheheh, im hyper right now sorry XvX
  15. I love ryuko too and mako and OMG i wished i could of put more that one waifu or husbando but my other #1 fav waifu HAS to be satsuki >w<...sorry i love her lol hope im not awkward TvT
  16. omg same!! who is ur fav character from kill la kill
  17. HELLLLLOOOOOOOO AGAIN my fellow anime citizens, i made more artwork and i think this will be my official OC persona but i cant figure out which persona i should stick with, there is my kill la kill OC persona V.S my demon slayer OC persona of me, and this will be permanent as my persona yet again so plz choose wisely and at the end off the poll the most votes on the winning poll i will post the drawing on my status
  18. ((roleplay for bleach..this is after the thousand year blood war arc of the bleach series just fyi))...*is was walking to my new school in karakura town by myself....i was a transfer student from the U.S.A....later i enter ichigo's class home room and sat at the back corner desk shyly and started to draw realistic flowers* ((the image below is the outfit i'm wearing in the roleplay))
  19. heyyyyy sooo i made some more art and its super cute and wholesome i swear >w<, this is my own creation and if anybody has ANY questions about any of my art u may ask me and i will very gladly tell u about my art pieces UvU



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      omg ur right 😂, i tried to make it more dog like tho but that works too lol ^w^ his name is gibley by the way 

    3. Sakura





      Me ToO gUrL lOl 🤣

  20. sooooooo um this is my OC i've been making since i was 8 years old and overtime she's gotten better and definitely looks WAY BETTER...but i made this recent drawing but idk if i should color it or just shade it in..idk i need a opinion if thats ok plz and thank u oh and hi im new here on this website TvT
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