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  1. Cuz I wanted to die, and I did die.. a little bit after reading it... God.
  2. Your Lie in April, I NEVER cried watching an anime but that thing made me tear up 3 times. I also cried while my mom was in the same room as I was.. I could't hold it, she didn't notice it though.. I was behind her trying to be as quiet as possible..... GOD.
  3. I'm playing Life is Strange - Before the storm. BIG fan of Life is Strange. I'm also playing Fall Out and Final Fantasy but I'm too lazy to go through the missions I'm currently stuck on in both games, as you can see... I'm a horrible gamer.
  4. omg I love Sekai and the anime too, everyone should know about the stories if they like yaoi. Definitely a great recommendation
  5. I honestly didn't even recognize his face there for a second.. Good to see his poker face again lol
  6. I'm thinking about which mangas I should add to my list, even though it keeps growing and I can't catch up to all of them. Whatever you know that would be worth reading, share ahead. For me, I think you guys should read Sign Language, 19 days, Wolf in The House, Finder, 10 Count, Never Understand (This one is kinda boring in the start in my opinion, but it's one of my favorites.) I also LOVE Dark Heaven but there's a lot of reading on this one. They're more of the popular ones you could start with. Shoot me with whatever else you have in mind..
  7. I LOVE Haruko Haruhara, she's really weird and there's nothing especial. I don't even know why I like her so much
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