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  1. I saw this picture on Instagram and was shocked. So can someone please say if it is real or fake.
  2. Aidinios

    How much time of ur day or week or month u spend watching anime?

    Mostly I watch anime when I go to sleep. But if I watch it in the middle of the day, I can watch it for 4 hours or 5 hours long. I watch anime mostly 6 days a week.
  3. Aidinios

    What anime are you watching now?

    I'm now watching World Trigger. But I am almost finished with watching.
  4. Aidinios

    I Enjoyed the Ending of ERASED

    Same for me. Erased is the best anime I ever watched. I already watched it 3 times. But they could make a better ending though.
  5. Aidinios

    How many animes have you watched already?

    I watched 67 anime series and 5 anime movies. But I started watching anime 4 months ago
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