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    Tough to say, guess you can’t go wrong with these: Tsubasa Reservoir/ Magi / Kenichi the mightiest disciple/ FMA/ Monogatari Series
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    Currently in Puerto Rico, not for long I hope
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    Broken Leg can’t do much lol
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  1. Uwaaah~ you were living in Japan? What was it like? I myself was living in the US but had to move back to PR due to a leg fracture. Good plan! Im just waiting to be able to get my hands on an Omen laptop, since I have no room for a desktop and start Uni soon hehe same on all these, but im starting Uni instead, a bit late but oh well Thats great! Hope it just keeps getting better That’s fine its a big question I myself dont know what I’ll be doing aside from healing both mentally and psysichally lol
  2. Hey guys and gals, I'm new here and haven't gotten the hang of the site yet, it'd be great if not only you'd answer the question but also stick around to see what others are up too, let's all come together and make it a wonderful mess!
  3. Am currently watching Netjuu no Susume but stopped for a bit (wasnt feeling it but ill finish it later) Madoka I had started but suddenly lost interest, Im about to finish Durararax2 so I guess anything similar to it would be an easy transfer
  4. Welcome to AF. ^-^

    1. tj586


      A pleasure to be here :D hope I can talk to lots and lots of people

  5. Uwah, ive already watched those D: anything else you have in mind?
  6. Broke my leg not long ago, stuck at home for a few months so now is the perfect time to binge watch like crazy! Doesnt matter if its long or short as long as its entertaining.
  7. Hello! Its hard to say how Im feeling since it changes so constantly, at times im depressed, sometimes I feel empty and then I feel like stabbing people lol, of course this isnt normal as my close friend kept telling me and so Im to see a psychiatrist about it soon, still think theres nothing wrong but cant be too careful right
  8. Hi hi! First time on this site, my first anime was Rosario Vampire lol
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