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  1. matty_poo

    New here, nice to meet you all (:

    Hey there, pretty new myself. Welcome!
  2. matty_poo

    What's you favorite game?

    Playing through Momadora again, also getting back into WWE 2k18 for my created characters and DCUO
  3. matty_poo

    Hey there, I'm the new guy.

    I'm great, thank you Glitter Spring, and anything nerdy Beocat. We have a long ongoing toonami review show, we had one where we watched Sailor Moon, one where we watched My Hero Academia, just finished one where we watch Pokemon, we had an urban legends podcast.
  4. matty_poo

    Wrestlemania - Any fans?

    I actually enjoyedit way more than the last few years, AJ/Shinsuke being the highlight for me.
  5. matty_poo

    Hey there, I'm the new guy.

    Thabks, I'm sure I will.
  6. matty_poo

    Hey there, I'm the new guy.

    I'm Matt, nice to meet you. I'm a podcaster who is always looking for more hosts to join my crew. Been awhile since I've used a forum like this so forgive me if my etiquette seems a bit laxxed. I enjoy a wide array of shows from Steinsgate to Lovely Complex to Redline. A;so enjoy quite a few NON-anime things.
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