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  1. Depends where. Online: Rightstufanime, amiami (ships from Japan), which i personally get. The above choices are also well. Hope that helps
  2. Cappuccino in the morning always, dark coffee/ americano in the afternoon, and if you are beyond tired and need a boost: espresso by itself
  3. Hello All! I am looking for new stuff to watch from recent releases (Spring - Fall 2018). I have not been able to catch up with the new releases, aside from the obvious Goblin Slayer, and would appreciate new stuff. I am open to any genre. Thank you! PS: For anyone that is knowledgeable in anime expos, events, stores, etc: Any events occurring in Italy or England in the following months would help
  4. I am feeling stressed af yo! Finals, papers, presentations have me stressed and tired! An for someone reason i am rewatching the clannad series </3333 As you can see, I am going through and emotional rollercoaster. Also, Darling in the franxxx did not have their episode in the weekend!! Im triggered. Anyways , how's life?
  5. I would go back to the past, to around when I was 11 years old or so, and stop myself from watching Anime and becoming a weeb </3 sike.
  6. The questions that many have asked and many have answered, Who is best girl? This question can spread through anime, video games, light novels, visual novels, manga, etc. I am very much curious about everyone's answer. Yes, there may be more than one, and if so, list top 3. - My best girl? Ika Musume, why? Cause its a squid girl Blue Saber (Altria (Arthur) Pendragon). Yuno Gasai, cause yandare. - Maybe this has been asked already, I apologize if so. Feel free to answer, thank you.
  7. Its random for me. Maybe 2 hours a day to none a day. School and work really cuts in </3. Other than that, usually all day if nothing in the way lol (8-10 hours)
  8. "Hentai is a must" (lol). But that is a very impressive collection. I hope to have a similar amount someday

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