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  1. My first AMV Videos

    watched it and you did a good job!!👍👍
  2. Hi.

  3. Netflix Anime Wave

    actually the new one , B: the beginning is a must watch.....!!!!!
  4. My Hero Academic - Season 3

    season 3 supposedly have much more action than season 1 and 2
  5. 7 days a week , probably 6 hrs a day .
  6. I need a good, different anime to watch

    steins; gate bungou stray dogs one outs gansta drifters I think these will help you!!
  7. Looking for a new anime

    Full metal alchemist: brotherhood Black Bullet ( I personally liked it ) Chrome shelled regios (less emotional moments) Durarara!!! ( Great story line) Kaichou wa maid sama ( no action only romance) Highly Recommended : Kekkai sensen ( it pretty much sums up everything you want )
  8. What Anime Should I Watch?

    one punch man Log Horizon Sidonia no kishi No game no life The Irregular at Magic Highschool ( very highly recommended ) Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Code Geass. just watch these . Every one of those have OP main lead..!!!!
  9. Any good anime to watch.

    I recommend Neon Genesis Evangelion, Majestic Prince ,Log Horizon. In 2018 I loved Hakata tonkutsu ramens...!!!
  10. For me in action genre it would be Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist : brotherhood , Fate/ Zero. recommendations: above three The Irregular at Magic highschool, Owari no seraph, K, Rakudai kishi no cavalry, chrome shelled regios.
  11. Most of the sports anime inspires me to never give up. if i get low spirited or lost the will, i'll just watch Major or capeta.
  12. YO!!! Otakus..!!

    hello....!!! This is K.p , as a fellow otaku i want to share and talk about anime till i get exhausted (obviously i won't) . so lets have some Fun!!!
  13. Will this be the best season?

    Obviously the mainstream anime of this season are best. there are also some new series like Megalo Box and Gurazeni . we can expect more fun and entertainment for sure but also might be disappointment too!!!
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