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  1. fantasy anime I like are Kekkai Sensen Log Horizon Fairy tail Hunter x Hunter Fate series FMA:brotherhood Rakudai Kishi Kaze no Stigma Rokudenashi Akashic Records Drifters.
  2. D. Gray Man Baccano! Bungou stray dogs Claymore Ergo Proxy Elfen Lied Gansta. LOGH Mirai Nikki Monster Texhnolyze Shingeki no Bahamut
  3. Lelouch Generally he have poker face but when he smiles it means he is going to take some one down , Well he enjoys it (you know what i mean!!!)
  4. Mikasa and Levi both are cold and badass....!!!!! *spoiler* . . Its in their ackerman blood!!!!
  5. K.p

    Blue Exorcist

    wow...!!! though i watched it long time back i still remember.
  6. well as in past two seasons, the ending episodes of third season will also be super action packed . I guess!!
  7. i really like to be in Log Horizon and The Irregular at the Magic High School . Imagine you have ability to use magic .actually i want to be in a position to control like in log horizon the round table alliance and in irregular the 10 clans sort of things.
  8. for me, i like both FMA and FMA Brotherhood . Though the brotherhood follows manga , FMA is good in its own way!
  9. yep i watched the season 1 and yet to watch season 2. i liked it so much .
  10. Well mine is Death Note , a friend recommended it . after that i watched Code Geass and with that i started watching different anime and got addicted .
  11. I will say Code Geass , it has mecha, strategy, plot, a bit humor , vengeance .
  12. I love Kaichou wa Maid-sama, it got that simple story with a unique romance and comedy which will make interesting and fun to watch. Also MC is savage....!!! I also like Ouran highschool host club!!

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